April 12, 2018, Singapore, — The company, pioneers in stable cryptocurrency, hedged with real gold, opens up the start of sales for GOLD coins.

Starting from April 12, users can buy and sell GOLD coins on Bancor in exchange for one of 50 cryptocurrencies. As well it’s available on Simex (Singapore International Monetary Exchange and Idex (Decentralized Ethereum Asset Exchange) For the first time in history, users can take advantage of the opportunity to buy a stable coin, completely backed by the price of gold, in exchange for cryptocurrency. With the help of GOLD stablecoin, crypto investors can hedge against the risk of cryptocurrencies falling in an extremely volatile market. An asset will attract to the crypto market a community of precious metals investors, since gold is a well known asset for them.

The key difference between GOLD and other crypto assets, is that all GOLD-coins are provided with physical gold. Gold is purchased under delivery futures on the Chicago CME exchange and then placed in a bank of the US federal system. In situations of high volatility, the cryptocurrency, Gold allows crypto investors not to convert into fiat currencies, but to use a more stable coin to mitigate risk. GOLD smart contract also contains a note that amount of crypto assets sold is equal to the amount of gold held in GoldMint company.

You can buy coins for the cryptocurrency at the Bancor exchange and later will see them in your Ethereum-wallet. GoldMint works on the Ethereum network, so it’s compatible with ethereal wallets as well. By the end of 2018, the Goldmint team plans to launch a personal account with a multi-currency purse, where users will be able to buy tokens via fiat money, bank transfer, or a credit card.

About the company

GoldMint PTE LTD is a Singapore blockchain company for gold tokenization. In 2017 GoldMint successfully finished ICO and gathered $ 7 million. The company operates with two assets: gold-secured GOLD and MNTP token, which is used in the GoldMint locker to confirm transactions. Also, MNTP holders get access to preferential commissions for operations with GOLD assets. The company’s tokens are currently traded on Bancor, Yobit, SIMEX, IDEX, Etherdelta.


Yesterday GoldMint team released a quorterly report (
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