How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with a credit card

Buying through Coinbase

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Coinbase is a well know reputable bitcoin and ethereum exchange. Read our Coinbase review here!

I registered the account within a minute of visiting their website. Simply your email and fill out the required information.

As I was attempting to buy my Ethereum, Coinbase prompted me to verify the deposit method I intended to use. I used my credit card and Coinbase asked me to verify my ID to make sure no one attempts to buy ethereum with a credit card that does not belong to them.

Coinbase sent me a text message with a link to their verification page. I simply took a picture of my ID with my camera and uploaded to complete the process. It was automatically verified within a few minutes and I bought my ethereum which appeared in my wallet on Coinbase within minutes. 

Coinbase also offers their own guides on how to buy ethereum and bitcoin on their exchange, which is a huge + !


Buying through CEX

how to buy ethereum on cex

The second way I bought Ethereum through today was

Similarly to Coinbase, the registration process was easy. After entering my information, CEX recommended me to enable 2-Factor-Authentication. I recommend all users to enable this at the site where where they buy ethereum with a credit card or any other deposit method that may contain sensitive personal information.

Similar to Coinbase, CEX required me to verify my account before I could purchase. They asked for a selfie with my payment card and also pictures of my ID. This process was a bit time consuming and I much prefer Coinbase automatic verification system with just a simple picture.

Once CEX verified my account, I could easily buy ethereum with my credit card and received it in my wallet minutes later.


Overall I had a better experience with Coinbase as their verification process was a lot quicker than CEX. In my opinion the CEX verification was not too bad, but compared to the smoother experience Coinbase offers it felt slow.

Other than that both exchanges offered a very simple user experience and there was no trouble along they way. The ethereum appeared in my wallet quickly and both CEX and Coinbase offer their own wallets.


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