The Countdown to Presale Started and The Initial Coin Offering is Scheduled for March 15

GulfCoin Cryptocurrency to Provide Digital Services and Financial Inclusion to the Masses 

A new crypto project “GULF” is rising to empower the public to become part of the digital transformation and adopt digital services.The GULF project is launching GulfCoin: an electronic cryptocurrency developed by a team of professional developers and programmers from Arabia, Europe and the Far East.

GulfCoin’s initial coin offering “ICO” is scheduled to start next March 15th. 

The GulfCoin cryptocurrency initiative aims to serve the masses especially those who are financially marginalized. It is about enhancing digital transformation and securing digital financial services in order to bring the digital revolution and financial inclusion to the masses. Several projects including a digital exchange platform, a digital NFT MARKETPLACE and a payment gateway “GULF CASH” are ahead in addition to other eco-friendly projects and much more.

In order to bring more trust into the project, GULF has been audited by SOLIDProof, a leading German smart contracts auditing company, ” to give our community a good sense of security and ensure their cyber safety” and it appears on both official websites of SOLIDProof and GulfCoin to ensure credibility.

A unique One to One burning strategy will be applied throughout the ICO.  For every GulfCoin you buy, one GulfCoin will be burnt instantly. The GULF team states that “the process will be completely transparent and buyers can watch it right in front of them”.

When asked about the application of the process , the GULF team declared that “The burning process is arranged in such a way as to ensure transparency since many of the burning strategies in the market can be opaque and do not provide real data”. It is the first burning strategy to be applied with such transparency in this region.

The pre-sale period lasts for 90 days. 

One billion coins will be available during the ICO period and the burning strategy will be applied throughout the process. The remaining quantity will be deployed gradually to the market according to the roadmap.

GulfCoin’s total supply is 10 billion and only 9 billion will be available at the end of 2025.

Investors buying GulfCoin during the presale period can take advantage of a limited number of packages and benefit from discounts and several staking plans to make profits. GulfCoin offers three staking packages; brown horse, white horse and black horse with a limited number of seats for those who would like to hold their coins for extra profits.

Check the GulfCoin website and the white paper for more details.

You can buy GulfCoin through the website directly during the pre-sale period. 

GulfCoin’s ICO already got listed on ICO hunting websites such as Coinsniper and Coin listing.

About GULF

A visionary team of Arab entrepreneurs and financiers and a multinational team of programmers and developers launching GulfCoin cryptocurrency with numerous projects to educate people and empower them to adopt the digital revolution and help them achieve the transition from traditional financial markets into digital markets.

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