The crypto markets are in the mood for the summit. Everywhere the prices reach new all-time highs, and an end to the rise does not yet appear to be in sight.

What a Monday. At the beginning of the year, we were still happy that Bitcoin broke through the $ 1,000 mark. I recently felt that we would soon be in the Luther year, if the Bitcoin price were a year, and now mid-end May We at nearly 2,250 dollars. Crazy. When Bitcoin takes a ride, it is almost always more powerful than expected.

But this is nothing compared to what happens with Ethereum: After Ripple Ethereum recently replaced as the second most valuable crypt-diet, Ethereum has now caught up again, overtaken and rippled far into the shade. The price of a single ether has risen from just under $ 100 to $ 130, $ 150, $ 177.

How many millionaires read this article. One year ago, a Bitcoin cost 442 dollars. Who had and held 200,000 dollars in Bitcoins at that time, should now be a millionaire. An ether was worth $ 14 a year ago. Who had at this time 70,000 dollarss in Ether, is now also a millionaire. There are currently a lot of freshly baked millionaires and multimillionaires in the crypto universe.

Welcome new Millionaires!

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