To say that Uber changed the world is not to say the least of it – and it’s not just about it now being cheaper to get a ride around town. The Uber business model has expanded to almost every sphere, and now we are seeing the rise of the so-called “sharing economy.”

Mobile platforms abound that allow all types of independent contractors – taxi drivers (Uber), tailors (zTailors), homeowners (AirBnb), and even private jet pilots (BlackJet) to make money by sharing their vehicles, properties, and skills. They use a business model that is able to bypass the high administrative costs of traditional corporate structures, allowing consumers to receive a higher quality service at a lower price.

These kinds of “Uberfied” applications do a lot of cool things. When it comes down to it, however, they all have one thing in common – they are affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a system where an organization acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the customer. Uber is an intermediary between merchants (drivers) and end-users who need to get somewhere. The advertiser pays for the service that the affiliate program provides. In the case of Uber, the driver pays by way of a commission on each ride.

Technically, if you want to advertise your product or service in a similar way that Uber advertises drivers, you could create your own affiliate program. There are ways to do it on your own, and there are even platforms out there that will help. However, if you choose to go down this route, you will find that there a lot of costs involved, and fraudulent affiliates and brokers that get in the way. Up to 50 percent of your earnings will be lost to commissions and fraud.

HOQU lets you “Uberfy” your business without having to pay rocket-high commission fees.

HOQU ( is the world’s first decentralized affiliate platform. It brings marketing to a whole new level, by allowing merchants and affiliates to interact directly. It is built using the latest in smart-contract and blockchain technology to ensure the maximum of trust between users, as well as low fees when rewarding the efforts of affiliates based on a CPA, CPS or any other performance marketing model.

“HOQU’s mission is to make affiliate marketing fairer for everyone involved, and to set new standards of transparency and efficiency in the industry. Its goal is to make internet marketing easy and profitable for merchants, affiliates, and affiliate networks, everywhere in the world.” – Alexey Shmonov, HOQU CEO.

HOQU makes it possible to “Uberfy” any business, regardless of its niche, while keeping commission fees low and trust high.

If you are a business owner, HOQU gives you a lot of benefits that will help you to “Uberfy” your business:

  • Cost-effectiveness: The HOQU crypto token (HQX) reduces transactions costs because it doesn’t depend on centralized financial institutions and payment services. Costs for advertisers will be cut on average by 44 percent.
  • No fixed monthly payments – Pay only for the services you get! HOQU operates on a low 5 percent transaction fee.
  • Anti-fraud protection: User identification and verification is carried out using services offered by the Civic blockchain platform.
  • Simplifies your platform’s development process: HOQU provides its brand new tracker platform as free to all users.

How this all works:

Let’s say you have an idea for a decentralized application (dapp) that sells real estate. You know the advantages of blockchain tech, and you want the low commission and transparency of the HOQU platform worked into your app.

To create your own affiliate program, you can use the HOQU API to integrate into the platform. From now on, your application will run using the HQX token. You register on the platform as an advertiser, and you go through a verification process. When your account is ready, everything gets even easier.

First, you logs into the system and post an offer, specifying the payout to the affiliate—for example, one percent of the sale price. When leads generated by affiliates purchase property, the record is registered in the blockchain. Immediately after the transaction, the smart contract uses the information about the purchase to instantly transfer the affiliate his or her agreed upon share—guaranteed.

All data about this whole process stays on the blockchain, and so is easily verifiable by anyone involved. Conflicts can be resolved in the Appeal Center.

HOQU integrated into your Crypto project:

If you have a crypto project, and are about to start an ICO, HOQU and its tokens would be ideal for you. it would work the same as with the real estate example above, only with the sale of your tokens! You would be able to divert your marketing budget to be used to reward affiliates for marketing your project on the HOQU platform. Instead of purchasing fiat to pay marketers, you can use the HQX token and take advantage of the low fees on the HOQU platform.

For each click the HOQU affiliate gets for your site, or certain amount of money invested, the affiliate would receive a reward in HQX. For you, using HQX is ideal – transferring between cryptocurrencies is just so much more convenient for us in the crypto community, than exchaging for fiat. Plus, you can be sure that the affiliates share your crypto values.

“Internet advertising is a $200 billion industry worldwide. HOQU is the future of it,” says Alexander Duzhnikov, HOQU founder and COO.

Your chance to invest in the future of marketing starts soon. 35 million HQx tokens will be available during the pre-sale and 520 million during the token sale.

The pre-sale starts October 30 and ends on November 20.

Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 HQx

Minimum Purchase: 50 ETH

40 percent early bird bonus

The token sale starts November 27 and ends one month later on December 26.

Price: 1 HQx = 0,0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5000HQx

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