China Covid19
China Covid19

Chinese organizations are trying to implement blockchain solutions in a number of industries to combat the corona virus and reduce its economic impact on the country.

According to ZDNet and other news sources in China, such as the Shandong University of Finance, a number of innovators from the private and public sectors are trying to use blockchain to fight the spread of the corona virus in public institutions, hospitals, universities and the financial sector.

And it seems that Chinese technology pioneers are realizing that necessity is really the mother of the invention – and are rolling out a number of solutions for immediate and emergency use.

The report notes that blockchain solutions are already being used by local authorities to manage identity information and donation platforms. Meanwhile, the financial industry is trying to minimize the economic impact of the virus by issuing blockchain-powered corporate loans.

A total of 29 anti-coronavirus blockchain applications were released in January.

One of these applications, reportedly developed by Shandong University of Finance and Alibaba Cloud, helps government agencies keep track of patients, suspected new cases, and more.

The platform, which was made available free of charge to hospitals across the country, enables doctors to review patients’ symptoms and monitor diagnostic data in real time, integrating patient history information.

Blockchain platforms are also likely to be used in schools and universities to fight the virus, as they allow managers to review information about the health of teachers and students before they return to class.

Large banks and telecommunications operators such as China Mobile are also reportedly working on blockchain-based solutions to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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