The success of any project or enterprise requires a driven team. From inception, planning, strategy efforts leading up to execution, and more, a smart and experienced team ensures that implementation meets standards aligned with the project’s mission and vision. Especially with crypto projects, a great team sees opportunities for growth and also establishes the right public narrative. However, probably as important as the advantages of a great team is the strength of the project’s community.

A community is a group of people who have exact or similar interests and characteristics, and in crypto, it means a shared idea towards a common goal. These people quickly see themselves as one, making a massive impact on the project and compelling the people within their circles to join. Projects that promote their communities are generally more likely to succeed and expand than those not as mindful. A prime example of a community-driven project that promotes public participation is Mononoke Inu.

Mononoke Inu and Its Community

The Mononoke Inu team prides itself on putting its community first. One of the team’s main goals is to build community trust by shedding the negative outlook that discourages people from meme coins. Due to the extreme volatility and inherent valuelessness of many meme coins, an occurrence that affects the entire crypto sector, some people are hesitant to buy. In addition to these problems, the general crypto community sees many meme coins as unreliable because several of them have teams that mislead their audiences. Mononoke Inu will change this perspective with community participation and transparency.

Among other methods, Mononoke Inu is building a strong community through its upcoming Wolf’s Moon game. The 2D adventure blockchain game focuses on Mononoke Inu holders, rewarding patience and loyalty. Using the play-to-earn model, community members will receive rewards simply by in-game participation. Mononoke Inu will also foster community relations by hosting daily competitions where the best three players will receive rewards, separate from earning options available to individual players. Mononoke Inu is also looking to unite the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector by creating room for trust and confidence among DeFi teams and members of the broader DeFi community.

The Importance of Community to Crypto

A strong and loyal community will almost always ensure the success of a crypto project much more than a strong team could. A good example is Decentraland, a 3D virtual reality platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Members of the community can create virtual structures on the platform, such as concert halls, casinos, theme parks, and art galleries. Creators of these structures can earn by charging other people to visit or use these structures. Activity on Decentraland is community-focused since it requires users to spend MANA, Decentraland’s native token within, with value going back to token holders on each purchase and sale.

Sandbox is another platform that is building a solid community, which in turn drives its success. An Ethereum-based metaverse and gaming ecosystem, Sandbox allows creators to share, design, or sell in-world assets. Like Decentraland and Mononoke Inu, the Sandbox ecosystem is also community-driven, encouraging users to interact and trade using SAND tokens. The platform fosters community collaborations through its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

With the right community, crypto projects will stand the test of time without losing their core values. Crypto projects must always consider community support a fundamental part of their operations, which many have started to emphasize.

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