Cryptocurrencies are part of daily discussions on financial channels. They make up a growing industry that is still being understood. One thing is certain, cryptography and blockchain technology are must haves for companies of the future. But, cryptocurrencies began with small investors.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card Instantly examines the best method for using a credit card to securely purchase Bitcoins. A free wallet that is secure on a globally minded exchange is of benefit for liquidity and high volume trading. Along these lines, trading both Bitcoins and altcoins is also important. Customer support that is available and helpful is needed to inform and assist new investors.

More and more exchanges need to comply with up to date licensing for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy and Know Your Customer (KYC) measures. This is becoming increasingly significant as regulators take notice. A strong social media presence enables a cryptocurrency exchange to communicate and respond to its consumers. Each of these aspects aids investors to more easily manage their risks. One company, Jubiter Technologies provides all of these features in an easy-to-use platform.

General Information About Jubiter Technologies

Jubiter Technologies is an internationally accessible cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded in 2017 by blockchain professionals. A core belief among the development team is that cryptocurrencies can elevate global commerce and solve many of the issues plaguing the world. Jubiter Technologies contributes to this effort with the goal of making cryptocurrencies available to everyone.

  • Licenses: Jubiter Technologies OÜ is regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”) in Estonia and licensed to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a FIAT currency as well as a virtual currency wallet service

Customer Support

Jubiter Technologies may also be reached via phone:

  • USA: 1 855 979 6669
  • UK: 44 800 048 8449
  • Estonia: 372 880 4179

The Highest Security Standards

Jubiter uses two-factor authentication. The company also provides identity protection and meets the highest standards in data encryption. In addition, Jubiter employs Login Guard and a cold storage vault. Read more about Jubiter’s security on their website.

Why is Jubiter Technologies the Best Available Option?

In less than a year, Jubiter Technologies has become the exchange of choice among crypto investors. Its simple platform makes it easy for novice investors to get involved in this evolving industry. Both Bitcoins and other altcoins can be purchased on Jubiter. Its secure wallet is a must for investors who are serious about remaining in crypto long-term.   Another feature unique to Jubiter is the crypto debit card which allows users to quickly and easily purchase goods using Bitcoins. Jubiter Technologies is unlike any other company. It is a practical solution for connecting the crypto space with daily life.

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