Bitcoin has been trading trendless for a while. Despite the short-lived high of $10,100, bitcoin has been caught in a relatively tight holding pattern between $9,300 and $9,900. Bitcoin’s 30-day volatility is now at 34.59%, the lowest since March 12. It is generally believed that bitcoin has entered a consolidation period, and that the longer bitcoin stays in the low volatility zone, the more violent a move it will make. 

But will it be a breakout or a breakdown? Speculations of bitcoin trends are flying everywhere and each analyst has different data to support their theories. For the bulls, the open support of top traders such as Bloomberg and Grayscale is a strong confidence boost. Besides, data such as the low exchange reserves and bitcoin addresses at its all-time high suggests that a large number of hodlers are positive towards the long-term performance of bitcoin. 

On the other hand, since bitcoin failed to hold the $9,400, many analysts anticipate bitcoin to get rejected again at $9,400 and then start a disastrous downfall to $7,000. Pentarhudi, a respected bitcoin trader who has made some accurate predictions recently claimed that bitcoin could very well drop to as low as $6,000.

According to Pentarhudi, a triple top formation is evident on bitcoin’s daily chart: “Triple top on daily… Bearish pattern. Will trigger at close below $8000 with a target to $6000. Either triple top or range lock.”

Another bearish factor is the mining difficulty adjustment on June 16. The newly adjusted mining difficulty level saw a 14.95% raise, the biggest difficulty jump since in the past three years. The increased difficulty will put pressure on miners as they need to spend more time and energy to mine each block. Miners with less efficient equipment may be forced to sell their coins to relieve pressure, thus resulting in a sell-off. 

On June 15, a massive sell-off caused by bitcoin whales occurred, dragging bitcoin price to $8.9K. The sell-off reminds us of the great crash on March 13, which was also caused by whales selling high up. Bitcoin has rosed 130% since March, and many are speculating whether whales are preparing to take profits by selling their coins. 

Michael van de Poppe, a full-time trader at Amsterdam Stock Exchange, revealed that if bitcoin fails to hold $8,600, a downtrend to $6,000 seems very possible.

“My viewpoint on the market is that we’re on a crucial pivot… Why a crucial pivot? If $8,600 is lost, the uptrend is lost and potentially many stop/loss triggers can cascade a further downwards drop. In that regard, I assume the levels around $7,300-$7,600 are likely to be tested and potentially even the 200-week MA around mid $6ks for a required test.”

One way or another, we are in for a rollercoaster ride in the coming weeks. If you are new to the crypto world, don’t stress yourself out. Just remember, volatility is very common in bitcoin trading, and it is one of the best ways to make profits when used wisely. 

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