Howeycoins ICO


Combining the two most growth-oriented segments of the digital economy – blockchain technology and travel, HoweyCoin is the newest and only coin offering that captures the magic of coin trading profits AND the excitement and guaranteed returns of the travel industry. HoweyCoins will partner with all segments of the travel industry (air, hotel, car rental, and luxury segments), earning coins you can trade for profit instead of points. Massive potential upside benefits like:

  • HoweyCoins are officially registered with the U.S. government;
  • HoweyCoins will trade on an SEC-compliant exchange where you can buy and sell them for profit;
  • HoweyCoins can be used with existing points programs;
  • HoweyCoins can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and cash;
  • HoweyCoins can be spent at any participating airline or hotel;
  • HoweyCoins can also be redeemed for merchandise.

The chic, state-of-the-art HoweyCoin digital currency website features images of luxurious destinations and celebrities promoting crypto currency. Investors could expect at least 1 percent daily return, they say. HoweyCoin is “the newest and only coin offering that combines the magic of coin trading and the excitement and guaranteed revenue of the travel industry.”

But everything is fake.

Clicking on “Buy Coins Now” redirects potential investors to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s website, where they find a clear warning: “If you had responded to an investment offer like this, you could have been cheated – HoweyCoins are completely fake! “By doing so, the SEC wants to show that initial coin offerings (ICOs) – in which companies sell digital coins that can ultimately be used for goods or services – are prone to fraud.

With a wink, the US agency states, “If you’re ever tempted to embark on a hot investment opportunity in luxury travel, the SEC has an offer for you … But please do not expect the SEC to take you to an exotic location – because the offer is not real. ”

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