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Cryptonomics Capital fund has summed up the results of the first quarter of 2018. Over the four months, experts attracted more than 3500 BTC into ICOs and the development of high profit start-ups. The number of investors exceeded 20 thousand people from 84 countries. Today, Cryptonomics Capital is showing rapid growth rates and is moving to becoming No. 1 in the crypto-investment market.

Cryptonomics Capital is a rapidly developing start-up, which stands out for its exclusive range of investment products, which have no analogues in the ICO and crypto-currencies market. The project’s founders have developed a unique and fundamentally new investment scheme that permits you to get maximum profit from invested funds and minimize risks as much as possible.

The XXI century is not just an information age, it is an analytics age. Thanks to free access to various specialized sources, we are given the opportunity to conduct thorough and specific monitoring in each separate direction. It is this principle of work that we use in our business. The fund’s experts have developed a list of promising projects with a score of investment attractiveness. Thus, we help investors make the right choice for their investments, as well as buy tokens at a discount and sell them at a profit. I am sure that our analysis is as deep and precise as it is possible for it to be. It has been this approach that has allowed us to acquire thousands of most important contacts and unite people who trust the fund’s experts with their money. The indicators of the first months of work only confirm this,” said Nikolai Evdokimov, Strategy Counselor, co-founder, Cryptonomics Capital.

In addition to recommendations on the creation of diversified portfolios, Cryptonomics Capital fund is actively engaged in training and educating current and potential investors. In Russian cities, there is a well-developed network of branches, which regularly hold thematic seminars with the involvement of experts from the cryptoworld. At these events, special attention is paid to the protection against risks and to the financial literacy of each investor.

According to the existing statistics, in 2017 more than 60% of ICO projects around the world failed. Of 902 implemented ICOs, 144 went bankrupt at the fund-raising stage. 44 startups did not collect the required amount of funds, and 278 startups went bankrupt after the collection. 45% of ICOs failed after having existed for less than 1 year. Last year, the total amount of funds raised by ICO bankrupts was $104 mln.

After seeing such figures, many potential investors start doubting the correctness of their decision to invest in cryptprojects. For the correct selection and further funding, the fund has developed a proprietary scoring system that includes a unique system for selecting and evaluating the efficiency of profitable and successful ICO projects by 42 parameters: from the analysis of the project’s economic model and the role of blockchain in it, to the prospects for the crypto currency growth.

Cryptonomics Capital makes investing transparent. The work of the professional analysts and ICO experts allows you to make the right choice in the huge cryptoworld. Cooperation with the fund allows clients to make profit anywhere in the world without bank cards, checks and money transfers.

You should try it too – discover for yourselves a new level of financial opportunities with Cryptonomics Capital!

Additional information about the Fund is available on the official website of the project:

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