Cryptocurrency arena has been growing at an unprecedented pace these days. In fact, the world large and the developers have been involved in planning innovative concepts through the blockchain technology that essentially forms part of the base on which the crypto assets stand. One such innovative and out of the box thinking that is set to revolutionize the way we would be plan our traveling itinerary. XcelTrip is a feature rich travel ecosystem that wants to make the nuances involved in booking your travel plans easier than what is presently offered by the conventional modes of travel services.

XcelTrip – The Premium Sponsor for Blockchain Expo in London and Amsterdam

Well, XcelTrip has determined to revolutionize your traveling experience by providing a seamless and feature driven traveling experience. The blockchain based and self-funded innovative enterprise offers online travel options to everyone who is involved in different spheres of a traveling ecosystem.

Right from service providers, hotels, vehicle insurance provider s to the consumers – everyone in the ladder gets to benefit, thanks to the transparency and security offered by the Blockchain technology. XcelTrip is designed as a Decentralised Travel Ecosystem(DTE) and has developed a capable Travel Booking Engine based on Blockchain technology. In fact, it wants to be the best booking platform and is designed to keep the customers engaged in all possible ways while they enjoy their trip.

How Does XcelTrip Work?

XcelTrip makes an attempt at simplifying the process of travel booking. In fact, the travel booking industry is one of the most expensive industry, thanks to the huge margin that the intermediaries tend to accumulate in the process. XcelTrip minimizes the middlemen and passes on the benefits to the service providers and end users.

In fact, it has already developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. The service will offer the traditional search model for booking your air tickets or hotel bookings with ease either through the web portal or the mobile apps. It has been evolving a constant gradual transformation towards making it a Blockchain based features in the platform.

Changing the set patterns would not be an easy task and as such XcelTrip will be achieving it through gradual three phase process. Ultimately, it plans to transform into a complete Blockchain based platform by the end of 2018. It has plans to launch the X Talk and X Cab features.

XcelTrip is Glad to be Part of Blockchain Expo

Blockchain Expo, for those who are unaware, is world’s largest Blockchain conference and Exhibition. Attended by more than 15000 worth of delegates from around 15000 industries, the Expo offers you an insight into the world class content into from leading brands and companies. In fact, the Blockchain Expo lets you be part of the development of the best Blockchain Technology innovations.

XcelTrip is the Platinum Sponsor for the Blockchain Expo in 2018. The Expo is set to showcase the best of Blockchain on 18th and 19th April 2018. XcelTrip will be showcasing its products, services and the future roadmap. In fact, the concept of Travel platform is set to find revolutionary concepts and thus will be focused on offering you the best of the Blockchain and decentralized platform so that you stand to gain the benefits in a variety of ways.

The Road Ahead

XcelTrip has already launched the XcelToken as part of its venture of becoming the best Blockchain based travel facilitation service. There have been hundreds of service providers who have already joined the service as partners.

XcelTrip will be covering several areas that form part of the traveling paraphernalia. The airline ticket, hotel rooms, vehicle rental, spa service and vehicle insurance – you name it, they will cover it. In fact, the XcelTrip would be hosting almost all the services so that you would not need to opt for any third party representative for any of your needs.

In Conclusion

Backed and handled by Hob Khadka who has been an incorrigible entrepreneur and a Blockchain expert, the project is set to go through a great path ahead. It has set its eyes on making your traveling experiences unique in own right. More than just a service provider for your traveling needs, the platform is an interactive one that would keep you entertained and engaged in the best possible manner.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a service provider, join them as an Independent Marketing partner or if you are traveler – enjoy the services that they offer you. Either way, you stand to gain. In fact, everyone gains with XcelTrip!

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