30th January 2018, Kualar Lumpar, Malaysia – The recent and unprecedented speed at which the Blockchain community has expanded has given birth to some wonderful and innovative ideas, however, it is not without its pitfalls. The dedicated team at Frasindo have conducted extensive research into the Cryptocurrency industry and highlighted key issues surrounding the market.

Understanding that the current Cryptocurrency ecosystem is awash with extreme volatility, combined with a total lack of regulation; Frasindo incentivised a solid concept, designed to defend investors and protect their investments.

The Birth of Frasindo

Frasindo’s solution to the many issues surrounding the cryptocurrency market is to provide a coin with its foundations backed by physical assets in the form of vehicles. These vehicles provide the income from which Frasindo was built. The company has already secured prestigious partnerships with the dominant ride sharing companies operating within Indonesia.

Frasindo provide a multitude of vehicles for Uber, Go Car and Online Taxi. The investments generated from the purchase of Fras Coins will allow Frasindo to continue the expansion of their rental armada, ensuring the coin will always be backed by physical assets.

Gaining the Trust of Investors

Aspiring to set themselves apart from the various alt coins available, Frasindo has implemented multiple platforms which will provide true transparency to their investors. Once an investor has acquired the Fras Coin token they will be given the opportunity to download the Frasindo App which will allow the users to view the 24-hour cameras fitted to Frasindo office, track the GPS location of the vehicles and also view the onboard cameras.

This will allow investors to get a constant view of how Frasindo operates and expands. Frasindo also has a voting mechanism in place which will allow investors to vote on the next course of action for the company expansion as stated by their roadmap expansion plan.

Free Car Hire

Frasindo see innovation as the key to the success of their business and as such they continue to visualize and expand upon various ideals. Their most recent implementation is a reward system which will be both beneficial and exciting to their investors.

Introducing the ‘Car Coin’ voucher as a reward for investors. ‘Car Coin’ vouchers will be given out daily to Fras Coin holders who meet certain criteria. Car Coin enables:

⦁ Free Car Usage

⦁ Free Drivers

⦁ Free Tour Guides

⦁ Free Accommodation

⦁ Free Food

⦁ Free Entry (to some events)

Frasindo Token Sale

Fras Coins’ crowd sale will begin on February 15th 2018 and will run until April 15th 2018. There are varying percentages of bonuses available depending on which round of the crowd sale you participate in. 1 Fras Coin  will be valued at $0.14 USD. Fras Coin team will accept Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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