Some of the best traders in the world do not simply spend their time sitting on the crypto exchanges spending hour after hour trying to trade cryptos raw. These people know that cryptocurrencies are a complex financial tool and that simply trying to trade without prior experience is only going to lead to failure. Which is why these people also spend hours upon hours looking for the best tools to enhance their trading. This means indicators, charting tools and in some cases even automatic trading tools. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular trading tools used by professional traders worldwide. Although, before you go ahead trying to trade with these tools remember that not everybody finds the same use for different tools and some people will find certain tools more useful than others. It is entirely up to you how you end up using the tools and what combinations, we just want to talk to you about some of the most frequently talked about tools and ones that you need to watch out for. Please bear in mind that there are a lot of scams in this market, and even other trading tools like Bitcoin Loophole being advertised as “make money schemes” that bring no guarantees to their users.


There are no tools out there that you will be able to use for free, but there are tools that are worth the money that you are about to put into them. In terms of Coinigy, you have a choice to make before you start working with the tool. Are you a trader who spends most of their time with the main markets, such as Binance, which get hacked on the regular? Or are you somebody willing to spend more time digging deep into the crypto markets in order to understand the underlying patterns of the smaller coins which you could be making a huge profit off of? Coinigy is for the hipster inside your soul that wants to spend a lot of time trading on the markets that are not traditional. It allows you access to a deeper repository of coins that are not necessarily famous in the mainstream, at least not yet. For a small monthly fee, it enables you to trade on several exchanges at the same time in order to make a profit, allowing you to diversify where and how you make your money. A great tool for any trader looking to get down and dirty in the world of cryptos.

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If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend too much time attempting to make just the right trade, then you might want to look into an AutoTrader app. One of the best auto traders out there, which will spend every day trading Bitcoin, is Cryptohopper. This is a recent addition to the number of tools available for use by most traders who want to make a profit without waiting too much time or spending too much effort on the markets. This tool enables traders to spend around 20 minutes a day on the markets, preparing and setting up the app, which they can leave to work on its own so that it can take care of all the trading that they need to do in order to make a profit. It is a fantastic tool that, while not free, enables you to make a lot of profit over time.

Ledger Nano

There are not that many hardware wallets out there that are capable of providing their users with the kind of security and portability that Ledger Nano offers to their users. The Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular hardware wallets in all of Europe and the supplier has run out of the tool many times before. The hardware allows users to store all of their cryptocurrencies under lock and key, with multiple password protocols that protect the cryptocurrencies from being stolen by anyone. It is a complex piece of hardware that locks itself securely if someone illegitimate tries to access it.

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