Bitcoin Press Release: Established Crypto derivatives exchange DueDEX announces details of their industry-first trading tool: The DueDEX Risk Manager. 

19th February 2020, Belize City, Belize: In a world dominated by high leverage products, traders are often exposed to irresponsible exchange platforms promoting high risk products, and too often, new traders enter the market with excessive leverage blowing accounts and taking major losses. The DueDEX Risk Manager prevents this allowing traders to develop a profitable strategy built on the essential fundamentals of risk management. 

Introducing the DueDEX Risk Manager

The Risk Manager is a solution which gives traders the valuable power to easily manage the risk of their account equities, with adjustments to Entry, Stop Loss, Position Size/ Equity risked with the “One Click” trading execution. With the product’s lowest setting (0.25% Risk) a new trader can sustain 20 losses in a row and only lose 5% of account equity. 

The Risk Manager adds a new dimension to derivatives trading – When used on support/resistance it’s now much easier to see buying and selling opportunities. Traders can see exactly how much they risk with their set-ups and can better identify market opportunities based on their unique risk profile. Traders can also use the tool in conjunction with Technical analysis enabling traders to “visualise” the trade.

DueDEX CEO Bo Wang spoke about the innovative impact the Risk Manager is bringing to the industry table: 

“This is exactly what the industry needs – more products to help users manage risk. The feedback has been sensational and the exchange results are exceptional. DueDEX traders risk less per trade and have become more profitable since the introduction of the tool.”

The DueDEX Risk Manager is designed to allow a “safer margin” trading alternative whilst users become familiar with leveraged products, and users can now work towards building a profitable strategy, in a much safer environment. DueDEX recognise that paving the way for the next generation of Crypto traders is essential – Bo Wang continues, outlining the need for innovative, value-driven solutions in the market and their impact on the performance of the exchange as a whole: 

“User experience is everything, and we expect to add more unique features and increase access to trading tools that assist traders in profitability and risk management in the future. We believe if we continue to deliver unique and high quality products the exchange will continue to grow and position as a market leader through 2020.”

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