As of today, investors can also buy IOTA on the eToro social trading platform. There is now a second option to buy IOTA for Euro.

Only recently CoinFalcon offers the possibility to buy IOTA against Euros. It is even easier now with eToro. Again, investors can now buy and sell IOTA against the euro.

Not only crypto currencies are trading on eToro, but also ETFs, stocks, inidzes, commodities and foreign exchange. But more than 70% of the trade is determined by cryptocurrencies. The eToro platform does not work like a real Exchange. Investors can buy IOTA and other cryptocurrencies but can not withdraw them. This has had the advantage that it is hard to hack eToro because crypto credits could not really be stolen. In addition, investors do not have to worry about their own wallet.

But now eToro wants to evolve more and more into an Exchange. For the first investors, there is even a test program in which they have the opportunity to withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies also from eToro. This is especially useful if investors want to invest in an ICO. In addition, many cryptocurrencies are there for being used and not just as a speculative object. However, it is not yet known when the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies will be activated for all investors.

The IOTA course has benefited slightly from the listing so far. But after all, IOTA is the cryptocurrency that has gained the most from the 12 largest cryptocurrencies compared to yesterday, albeit only 2%. However, it is likely that IOTA will benefit from the listing for a few more days. After all, such a broad mass of people has easy access to IOTA because eToro is really very simple and understandable for everyone.

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