IOTA partners with InnoEnergy

IOTA was able to win a new e-mobility partner for cooperation. InnoEnergy intends to use the Tangle Protocol to optimize existing business models in the field of e-mobility and to make them future-proof.

IOTA reports that the IOTA Foundation and InnoEnergy Scandinavia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly research the development of e-mobility and smart contracts in the energy sector in the future.

InnoEnergy researches in the field of sustainable energy and supports startups and innovations throughout Europe. Together with one of the largest property owners from Sweden, ÖrebroBostäder (ÖBO), the company has launched a whole series of pilot projects including EVe.

Eve is an initiative within the E-REGIO project that specializes in the implementation of innovative e-mobility services. The IOTA Tangle protocol will be deployed as a pilot within the Eve Smart community based on open source distributed ledger technology.

The following video shows a charging station for electric cars based entirely on IOTA. Here, vehicles can connect to the charging station to charge the battery. The special thing here is that the car practically pays for itself the costs of the refueling process in IOTA and everything runs completely autonomously.

Wilfried Pimenta, Head of Business Development at IOTA Foundation: “This partnership brings the Tangle technology where it belongs: in the real world, enabling IoT devices and smart community models. The proactive, collaborative and open approach adopted by Innoenergy makes it a great partner for IOTA and its growing ecosystem to co-create and showcase the potential of the Machine economy”

Xue Wang, Business developer, product owner of EVe at InnoEnergy Scandinavia: “The collaboration between InnoEnergy, IOTA foundation and ElaadNL on implementing the Tangle Distributed Ledger Technology in the testbed will facilitate the development of smart community energy markets. The citizens will be empowered to use the decentralised clean energy/e-mobility services with a transparent, autonomous and secured transaction and data management system.”

Jonas Tannerstad, Chef El & Automation, ÖrebroBostäder AB: “ÖBO has partnered with InnoEnergy to implement innovation solutions regarding Smart Community and energy-efficient building automation systems. ÖBO supports the transparent and secured data and information systems for facilitating the solutions to our facilities and tenants. We are excited about the open and innovative approaches carried out by InnoEnergy and IOTA, and we are looking forward to seeing the EVe platform up and running in Örebro.”

Harm van den Brink, IT Architect Smart Grids & Electric Vehicles at ElaadNL: “At ElaadNL we research emerging technologies in the E-mobility domain, to assess the impact of these technologies. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) is one of these technologies we really keep an eye on. In order to understand how it really works we built the IOTA Charging Station, a real working proof of concept to show the capabilities of DLTs. It’s in our DNA to work together with other parties, so share our knowledge and technology. Sharing the IOTA Charge Station with InnoEnergy is a great way of working together with our partners, and to co-create future technologies.”

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