In a blog post, IOTA announced the release of a chat application called CHAT.ixi, running on the Iota Controlled AgenT (Ict) network, with no rules or moderation.

With CHAT.ixi, IOTA provides an everyday application that goes beyond sending and receiving tokens. CHAT.ixi runs on the Iota Controlled AgenT (Ict) network, which was developed for the Internet of Things (IoT).

IOTA’s Ict is set to become the standard

Unlike the static Internet that is currently static, the IoT will be filled with tiny devices connected directly into a dynamic network. Most of what is colloquially referred to today as IoT, however, exists in a cloud infrastructure within a normal Internet architecture. With Ict, IOTA wants to build its own IoT microcosm as a fundamental building block.

CHAT.ixi: Free from censorship

CHAT.ixi runs on a fixed and permissionless network. There are no rules or moderators to enforce them, the announcement said. While this carries certain risks, it also opens up new opportunities for those whose opinions are otherwise restricted or suppressed, as there is no one-stop-shop for censoring or manipulating messages.

Only messages that are sent by the user himself and that do not capture any data are displayed. Each participant has a key pair consisting of a private and a public key. The private key is used to sign messages, while the public key allows other users to verify these signatures and to authenticate the origin of a message.

The application is accessible to everyone, free of charge, free of advertising and can already be tested now. Further details and details can be found in the IOTA blog.

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