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Eduardo Tió Gómez

There are many culprits to the cryptocurrencies current bearish season. From fork shenanigans to controversial stablecoins, everyone seems to have an explanation. However, one factor both experts and enthusiasts agree upon is that the cryptocurrency space is not user-friendly enough for mass adoption. It’s filled with clumsy interactions on too many different services with steep learning curves.

Better options are already available. Since last year, a new cryptocurrency exchange aggregator named CoinSwitch is helping users convert more than 400 currencies across 45,000 pairings. It may well be one of the first components of what is now called Web 3.0: A layer of blockchain-powered applications that make all the complicated blockchain infrastructure easy and accessible to everyday users.

For Everyday Users

Most people lack the time to get familiar with every separate service or cumbersome platform. It’s easy to feel uneasy when using an unknown exchange for the first time. Some have uncomfortable policies or become inconveniently glitchy when it’s time to withdraw funds. To say nothing about liquidity issues.

CoinSwitch lays the whole market at its users’ feet. They can count on it as a meta-exchange where they find the best deals on the market in a single place. The top-rated service scrapes data from every major exchange to give users the widest set of options for their transactions. These include IDEX, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Okex, KuCoin, and Cryptopia.

There is also no need to trust a third-party wallet service. CoinSwitch allows anyone to convert their holdings directly and anonymously from the safety of their own wallets. They don’t even need an account. Users only need to use a seamless conversion transaction that works even from hardware wallets like Trezor.

CoinSwitch’s service is free of charge on most transactions. Over three-quarters of the listed exchanges do not charge CoinSwitch users anything extra. Others only collect a minimal 0.49% fee, at most.

For Businesses

Everyday users are not the only ones who benefit from using CoinSwitch. Besides hardware wallet integrations, the service’s API is already used by countless other blockchain projects. Gaming sites like and use it to offer users an easy and secure way to recharge their accounts. Likewise, CoinSwitch is launching a payment gateway where merchants can accept over 300 cryptocurrencies.

Already influential in the APAC region, the Bangalore-based startup has attracted funding from prestigious firms such as Silicon Valley’s Sequoia Capital. CoinSwitch is founded by a team of professionals stemming from Amazon, Microsoft, and Zynga, who succeeded in building the cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that serves the highest number of daily transactions.

For the Blockchain Community

The startup is also engaged with the community of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers at large. CoinSwitch offers a customized cryptocurrency exchange that can be quickly embedded in any website, with no need to code a single line. Projects like Skycoin, Gobyte, Komodo, and Reddcoin have already taken advantage of this feature.

Services like CoinSwitch are providing the foundation for a more accessible and user-friendly cryptosphere. One that is ready for mass adoption.

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