Van Eck’s Bitcoin ETFs are more tangible than ever, according to Gabor Gurbacs. The chairman of the company’s asset strategy said in an interview. The proposed Bitcoin ETFs therefore fulfilled all the necessary conditions to be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Bitcoin ETFs are still very popular as feed for the bulls. The “supreme discipline for investors” is above all intended to suggest regulatory certainty and, in addition, to motivate investors from the traditional financial sector to invest in cryptocurrencies as well. According to an interview with Gabor Gurbacs, the VanEck Bitcoin ETF SolidX are about to be approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

To that end, Gabor told Fox News:

“I’m not sure how close we are [to the permit], but we’re as close as we can get. For me it is very clear that America wants a Bitcoin ETF and we are here to release it. We are currently waiting for regulatory feedback and hope we get it approved. ”

SolidX Bitcoin ETF: insured and physically backed

The SolidX Bitcoin ETF should be physically backed up and insured. The minimum deposit is 25 BTC (around $ 140,000 at the current BTC rate). As Gabor further emphasized in the interview, the template for the asset class is exactly adapted to the US regulatory conditions:

“He [Bitcoin ETF] meets all the conditions that a commodity investment must meet. […] We have the right facilities and the right market structure – it’s time to give America what it wants. “

He also holds bitcoin for digital gold:

“We should not miss the connection to the new financial system. America was a leader in building the most robust financial market [the world]. […] I believe that Bitcoin and other digital assets play an important role in it. We have to take this seriously and integrate it into the financial markets. “

The whole interview is here:

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