Recently, the popularity of social networks is growing steadily. Internet users actively communicate online, share videos, photos, and music with each other and involuntarily view the ads that are constantly appear on such sites. However, not many know that developers of social platforms receive considerable money due to the activity of their users. The conduction of quiz and studies showed that now Internet users want to not just spend time on social sites, but to take some advantages of it for themselves. is a social network of blockchain era and the world’s largest employer is able to fulfill the dream of plenty users of social platforms, giving them a unique opportunity to spend time there not only cheerfully, but also receive a reward for their activity and uploaded content, which will serve as a good incentive to increase their activity, and accordingly to increase the popularity of the profile. Now none doesn’t need to collect a large audience for a long time to become a popular blogger: it is just required to register on and switch to an advertising account. All processes take place in an automatic mode, so the user does not need to take any additional actions to earn online.

This platform has some outstanding features:

  • tokens are already available for use within the resource;
    • personal wallet – allows to make all internal transfers instantly and without any commissions;
    • it has user-friendly interface, reasonable and clear information service;
    • journals that provide unique tools for companies to promote their products and services;
    • internal trading platform that allow users to sell and buy goods using the ME token;
    • electronic Money Institution establishment will allow users to open checking account
    and receive payment cards of the project.

The principle of earning on

The scheme of earning with project is quite simple. The account of each registered user is an advertising platform, where each of the subscribers plays role of an advertising audience. Advertising is broadcasted on behalf user of the platform, and not from the advertiser as it happens on conventional social portals. The percentage of payment grows and soon users will be able to receive up to 50% for each showing of a commercial paid by the advertiser. Advertisers get the opportunity to broadcast ads paying Bitcoin, users get their rewards on their platform with ME-tokens. The amount of remuneration for display of advertising depends on the exchange rate of the token and on the cost of advertising.

Stage of project readiness

At the moment, the platform is systematically improving its software in order to expand its functionality. This makes it possible to reasonably conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness assessment of the platform and reduce the possible risks of its implementation. Therefore, any user wishing to take part in the project will cooperate with an already functioning, full-fledged product, to which hundreds of thousands of partners are already involved.

The project launched the Bounty program. Users who participate in the program must regularly perform certain actions on popular social platforms and get reward for such activity. For this purpose, the developers of the program allocated 3% of the total amount of virtual money of the portal. The program was launched in late January and will last until 8th of May 2018. The faster a user joins it, the more he can earn.

In addition, the “Showcase” project will start this year. This convenient trading platform will enable to sell various goods inside the social network, using the main cryptocurrency of the project. The prospects of this idea have no borders, and in combination with the main business model will allow to receive and actively use inside the resource.

Cryptocurrency of the project has already opened more than 300 000 wallets, and users have already made more than 15 000 000 transfers to each other. The project attracts funds using the crowdfunding method, issuing its own token called ALL.ME. The total number of tokens is 10 billion and the cost of each is equal to 0.014 $. Exchange rate and dynamics of project tokens depend on the number of partners of this portal. The ability to receive profit in an easy and simple way will ensure rapid and continuous attraction of new users, which will contribute to the constant demand of this type of cryptocurrency.

Currently, there is no similar analogue of such a network in the world, which can provide its users with such opportunities on a mutually beneficial basis. This portal is differ from other ones due to it’s unique system that implementing allocation of advertising revenue, which will give an opportunity to receive money absolutely for everyone, regardless of the number of subscribers and without need to do any additional actions. Yet there is no a similar scheme proposed and implemented in the world like this one. In addition, the absence of competitors allows project developers to concentrate on its development, constantly improving it and excluding any negative nuances that could undermine its excellent reputation among potential customers of the platform.

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