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Kepler Technologies GmbH,a software product company launched by the founders of TaaS fund, announcesthe beta version of Kattana, the first desktop-based trading terminal allowingusers to trade blockchain assets through one app on multiple exchanges andoffers a complete range of tools for professional trading, from market analysisto measuring trading performance. Unlike existing solutions, Kattana has afully customizable interface and offers tools that cover the whole workflow ofa trader.

Currently, cryptocurrency markets are highly fragmented in terms of tradingvolumes and pairs availability. On the other hand, crypto traders rely on thebroad range of tools for analyzing charts, executing trades and measuring theirtrading performance. This means inefficiency in terms of time and money spentby traders. Kattana aims to solve this problem by allowing traders to focus onactual trading and making profits instead of hassling around various exchangesand tools.

As of this writing, Kattana supports 3 major crypto exchanges: Binance, Bittrexand HitBTC.

Kattana offers some distinctive features that allow crypto-traders to:

Tailor workspace layouts to their individual trading workflow and goals for anefficient trading experience.

Evaluate their asset positions in realtime to gain better understanding of theresults each of their trades yields.

Perform multiple time frame analysis easily inside market scanner to get thegrasp of a broader market perspective.

Assess what results their trades bring as compared to a benchmark index (alpha)and make wiser trading decisions in the future.

Keep track of their market exposure by asset and trading venue in realtime toimprove the execution of their risk management strategy.

To start trading through Kattana, a user must have an account on at least oneof the abovementioned exchanges with the sufficient balance available there. Inaddition, a user needs to generate API keys with the permission for trading.

As regards to security, all API keys are encrypted and stored on your deviceonly. The application does not have the access to even a part of your key and doesnot store it on a server. The user can permanently revoke exchange connectionfrom Kattana at any time by just deleting their keys in the profile section.

As Bohdan Kit, a Product Lead of Kattana team has said: “Having access to oneof the most successful trading teams on the market at TaaS Fund, we were ableto combine the best trading practices and apply them in the process of productdevelopment. So, Kattana is made by traders for traders. Our ultimate missionis to help crypto-traders stay profitable in the long-run and improve theirperformance. Kattana is built to provide tools you need to achieve this”.

In the nearest future, the team plans on connecting all major cryptocurrencyexchanges to Kattana and improve functionality of the existing productfeatures.

To try Kattana’s beta go to Kattana website and download it

About Kattana:

Kattana is a professional trading terminal for blockchain assets, powered byKepler Technologies, a software company specializing in building solutions forcryptocurrency traders and investors. Our mission is to bridge the gap betweenusers and digital currency markets by providing state-of-the-art technologiesfor the financial system of tomorrow.

For any details, contact:

[email protected]

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