Everything related to digital money leaves investors with a buy-back reflex: No sooner has Kodak announced its own cryptocurrency for photographers than has more than doubled its share price.

With the KodakCoin and the associated platform KodakOne photographers should be able to protect their copyright and market the images, as the company announced on Tuesday.

At the same time, the network is to be monitored via the Kodak platform in order to stop the unauthorized use of protected images. The basis for the offer forms the Blockchain technology, with which also the digital money Bitcoin is secured. Kodak has always sought to democratize photography and ensure fair remuneration for its authors, said company chief Jeff Clarcke.

A Kodak-branded bitcoin miner labelled the “KashMiner” has been also displayed at the photography company’s booth at CES 2018, with Kodak Blockchain Project licensee Spotlite Energy Systems of California showcasing the product.

According to the Kodak licensee, an upfront payment of $3,400 for a two-year contract would lead to bitcoin production value of around $375 per month at current bitcoin value.

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