Over the years there has been an active rise in the demand for clean energy. Countries around the world have realized the need for clean energy sources and are trying their best to generate energy using alternative sources of energy instead of relying on traditional sources which cause pollution such as oil and coal. There has been a rise in research-led activities when it comes to clean energy sources such as wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy, hydropower, etc.

Many industries around the world which have a high-power requirement are either switching to alternative sources, or are helping fund research in the development of clean energy. With the rise in awareness regarding the benefits of clean energy sources over traditional sources rising, adaption is bound to increase.

Talking about rise in awareness, over the years there has also been a sharp rise in awareness when it comes to the medical benefits of marijuana. Through years of research it has now come to light that marijuana has a number of medical properties and is of particular use when it comes to relieving patients going through a lot of pain or stress such as those dealing with cancer treatment and chemotherapy. Those suffering from chronic pain too, benefit from medical marijuana.

Over the years, 30 US States and districts have now legalized medical marijuana. Moreover, recreational consumption of marijuana has also been legalized in 7 states and DC. Interestingly, the growth of marijuana and renewable sources of energy overlap when it comes to growing marijuana for medicinal purposes. Growing marijuana consumes a lot of electricity and the use of alternative energy sources can help lower costs as well as reduce pollution.

While marijuana grows in farms in the nature, it is a common practice to grow it indoors, in a controlled environment when it is being grown for medical or commercial purposes. This is because when marijuana is grown indoors – it allows the growers to ensure that all the elements of nature can be artificially created and are well-balanced. Nature sometimes, can be harsh. An excess of rainfall can damage the crops and so can a lack of it. Presence of excess chemicals in the soil or the lack of it can have different results. However, in case of indoor farming, all of these factors can be controlled and monitored.

A lot of energy is consumed in growing commercial quantity and high quality marijuana because it involves the use of grow-lights, fans, water pumps, dehumidifiers among various other electrical equipment. A number of companies have now been growing medical marijuana in large quantities. One such name is that of KPR Medical Solutions, which aims at helping supply medical marijuana for all the needs of Australian consumers and later for the entire planet!

KPR Medical Solutions, in association with Renewable Mining Australia is starting off with a fundraiser ICO, where investors can donate Ethereum in exchange for the KPR Coin cryptocurrency. The company aims at raising $30 Million with this Initial Coin Offering to start off their business operations in Australia. More details about this ICO and fundraiser can be availed at:

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