eSports games creator, Kronoverse, and its competitive strategy game CryptoFights, have moved to the Bitcoin SV blockchain to tokenize users’ in–game items because of the lack of scalability of the Ethereum blockchain.

Previously, Kronoverse had used Ethereum-based Enjin, a token system commonly used for digital assets in esports and online games.  Explaining its move to a custom solution built on BSV, Kronoverse cited specifically the issues they had with the Ethereum chain, namely:

  • Ethereum is at capacity, which discourages gamers who want to buy, sell and trade in-game items frequently;
  • Ethereum is also expensive from a transaction fee point of view for players.

Conversely, BSV scales right now – capable of handling millions of transactions without slowing down – and has very low transaction fees.  Bitcoin SV provides the scalability to support significant player activity and in-game item trading as a game grows in popularity.

Kronoverse users will also be able to use unique features like storing 3D versions of their items directly to the BSV blockchain because of the increased data capacity available.

Adam Kling, CEO for Kronoverse, commented: “The simple reality is that for our players, the Bitcoin SV blockchain is cheaper, quicker and has more capacity than Enjin offers so this was a very easy decision.  We are using BSV to create a better in-game item protocol and better esports player experience.”

The launch date for the CryptoFights open beta will be announced soon; the open beta will be available on Android and will be free to play.

Later in 2020, the Kronoverse Marketplace will go live, empowering gamers with true item ownership.  All users will be able to sell unwanted in-game items for profit. Kronoverse users will also be able to trade with other players to find the in-game gear they want and need.

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