Kubera is an innovative platform for playing online games with a crypto currency. Kubera team uses the Ethereum blockchain to provide a cryptographically secure payment system and provably fair gambling with smart contracts for games in the future phases of the project.

Kubera platform aims to:

Eliminate Player Deposit Risk

Kubera will enable players to have full custody over their funds by using Ethereum smart contracts to escrow tournament buy-ins and autonomously distribute payouts based on game outcome.    

Establish Trust and Gameplay Fairness

Using peer-to-peer and cryptographic protocols by applying smart contracts in latter phases, all gameplay outcomes reach consensus at the end of each game using a Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanism.   

Reduce Player Costs

The innovative architecture, powered by the Blockchain network of Ethereum, allows Kubera to considerately eliminate expenses for payment. Kubera project aims to pass these operational savings back to our players to encourage player retention, creating a more balanced game ecosystem.   

Build a Decentralized Gaming Network

Kubera’s goal is to build out a core underlying decentralized online game network that developers and third-party operators can plug-into and build upon. We hope that new functionalities are built on top of the platform. 

The Kubera team has spent years researching the current market dynamics in the industry. The project’s goal is to address industry shortfalls through the creation of a new decentralized online gaming network with built in trust, transparency and accountability. It is expected to seek to reinvigorate online gaming through the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain, peer-to-peer networking, user-owned identity, and cryptographically secured payouts. While also creating an improved playing experience at a lower cost to players. Using these new frameworks the system will fix the broken gaming economy, provide reduced costs to players and create the safest and most secure online gaming platform. This will enable all players to have a fun experience and develop a more balanced online gaming ecosystem.

Short-Term Objective

The success of a new online game platform is largely dependent on network effects in maximizing liquidity pools. Short term goal of the project is to be an innovative gaming platform with a breakthrough payment system powered by Blockchain technology. As well as becoming the first decentralized online game platform to market and to leverage this first-mover advantage in establishing Kubera as a legitimate market contender.  

Long Term Objective

As for the long term goal, Kubera team wants to lay a good foundation for the built-in currency, Kubera tokens (to be explained more specifically later in this paper). They plan to reach out to other fields in order to create an ecosystem in which our token is the primary currency. By owing Kubera tokens, people will have access to not just the gaming platform to compete with each other and win tokens but also to be able to use those tokens for a wide range of services including online shopping or trading on various exchanges. This strategy tends to be the right move to rocket the price of the Kubera token and will bring substantial benefits for investors and token holders.

Kubera ICO starts on October 31, 2017 and it will last only 10 days.

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