Switzerland – October 19, 2017: Lamden, the Switzerland-based technology company behind a new innovative blockchain development suite for enterprise applications, has just announced the token sale of their Lamden Tau Token.

For the first time, the community will have a chance to participate in Lamden’s innovative project through a Token Sale in late November. The Lamden Tau Token (TAU) will work in conjunction with Lamden’s innovative blockchain development tools and enterprise applications to facilitate chain-to-chain asset exchange and communication. Lamden has already raised $150,000 in seed capital and plans to raise a total of $50M US.

About Lamden

Lamden is a robust ecosystem of development tools that turns blockchain concepts into enterprise-grade applications capable of seamless communication and
value exchange with other blockchains.

Lamden’s executive team and advisors come from a diverse set of backgrounds ranging from Fortune 500 companies to disruptive tech startups (including Visa, Volkswagen, ATT, APPLE, eBay).

The company’s vision is providing innovative solutions to the monumental challenges posed by creating and adopting blockchain concepts at the enterprise level. These challenges include: knowledge barriers, time to develop and deploy blockchains, customizability of blockchain tech, interoperability of private chains and so on.

Lamden offers a concrete solution to all of these problems: an open-source development suite that enables enterprise business owners to easily and rapidly construct their very own blockchain platform. This software suite is comprised of three core tools that are the Lamden ecosystem: Saffron, Flora, and Clove.

  • Saffron – A project generator tool that streamlines the creation, modification, and interaction with blockchains in development. Fully standardized APIs, block explorers, and more out of the box for multiple VMs and underlying chain technologies. Enterprise owners can create their very own secure blockchain in less than 30 seconds.
  • Flora – The community repository hosted on IPFS that enables package management of smart contracts, sharing of new code, and connection details of private and community chains. Smart contract creation and management streamlined.
  • Clove – The distributed blockchain router that enables trustless chain-to-chain transactions of any type utilizing high throughput payment channel networks. Different blockchains? No problem. Clove enables different businesses to communicate with one another, regardless of programming language.

Saffron, Flora, and Clove work together to enable enterprises to rapidly create and deploy enterprise-grade blockchain applications that can exchange value with and “talk” to other blockchains.

Lamden Tau Token (TAU) and Token Sale

The Lamden Tau token, which will be made available immediately upon contribution to the project, allows for value exchange and interaction between blockchains that were previously inoperable together.

Lamden plans to use a portion of the capital raised during the upcoming October crowdsale of their TAU token to start an innovation fund that facilitates the development of Enterprise Case Studies (or ECS’s) with Fortune 500 partners. These ECS’s aspire to be the pioneering examples of blockchain technology in various commercial settings.
To get involved in the token sale or learn more about Lamden’s ambitious projects, visit the links below.



Token Sale:


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