Technological advances have given birth to a new, revolutionary cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Due to an exponential rise in value over the past decade and the many benefits it offers to its users, it is eligible for widespread use in multiple industries.

While NetBet casino and similar online gaming platforms still limit their use of Bitcoin to making deposits, other establishments have fully operating payment processing services that allow customers to buy, sell and return various products. Despite volatility in value and legal instability, the following major companies support Bitcoin by including it in the list of available payment options.


This giant carries a lot of weight in the tech industry, which speaks volumes about this cryptocurrency. It became available to customers in December 2014, and has since allowed them to purchase Windows products – and thus Xbox software products, using your bitcoins.

They have also expressed further interest by analyzing the ways they can use the Blockchain technology which supports this currency. As a result, Microsoft has released the Azure service platform.

This major online retailer has further boosted Bitcoin’s reputation by allowing their clients to purchase thousands of products with it. For this purpose, partnered with the Bitcoin exchange platform and payment processor Coinbase. Since January 2014, it has been offering everything from TV to pillow purchases using the cryptocurrency.


Online hotel booking has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, with Expedia leading the way as a major provider of booking possibilities. Since June 2014, they have allowed customers to pay for the same services using Bitcoin, partnering with Coinbase like the previous company on our list.

Shopify stores

Instead of selling products directly like the previous online retailer, Shopify is a whole ecommerce platform that allows merchants to set up online stores and sell their products. Since November 2013, every online retailer connected to the Shopify ecommerce network has become able to accept payment for their products and services in Bitcoin. This has been achieved through the payment processing company BitPay.


This major software provider is widely recognized for their highly successful tax program Quickbooks. To ensure their users get top-of-the-market service, Intuit has integrated Bitcoin into their software solutions.

BitPay partnered with Quickbooks in 2014 to create a completely new service PayByCoin. It handled the volatility issue in Bitcoin transactions and provided next-day processing and settlement into regular bank accounts.

DISH Network

The summer of 2014 witnessed the first network provider to allow their TV and Internet service subscribers a Bitcoin payment option. DISH network claimed that they had recognized the need for such a step through direct and implicit demands made by their clients. For this purpose, they chose Coinbase as a payment processing service, and have been charging their customers in Bitcoin prices ever since.


As another Coinbase cooperative, eGifter has become one of the largest online gift card providers that allow Bitcoin payments. The best thing is, you can purchase gift cards for retailers that don’t accept the cryptocurrency themselves.

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