With 2.2 billion global gamers and $108.9 billion in annual sales, the gaming industry is a growing giant. Of that $108.9 billion, $94.4 billion is derived substantially from the sale of direct-from-publisher digital goods. And gaming is expected to grow healthily as it heads toward a projected $128.5 billion by 2020.

But despite its meteoric rise, a massive untapped opportunity exists: secure and frictionless transactions of gamer-earned digital goods, the digital goods that gamers earn or enhance by playing the game. A solution to this issue could easily unlock a new market for gaming worth over $1 trillion. Instead, gamer-earned digital goods are relegated to useless waste, leaving gamers empty-handed when they leave a game and the same goes for direct from publisher digital goods. Regardless of how many thousands of dollars and countless hours were spent obtaining the goods, all these items’ value remains locked within the confines of each gamer account.

A number of companies have attempted to address this value drain for gamers and publishers. But the fact is that the proper infrastructure hasn’t been built to conduct the transaction of digital goods safely and effortlessly. Even as forums like Reddit facilitated digital goods to be bought, sold and traded, the platform is not a viable solution due to a lack of transparency and an abundance of fraud. The Steam Community Market presented another solution, but it only allowed gamers to transact on its platform.

Enter Gameflip, the trusted online marketplace for buying and selling digital goods. Gameflip is revolutionizing gaming by extending our existing, proven platform to the open and public blockchain. This revolutionary move gives gamers true ownership and flexibility to liquidate their goods in a fraud-free, liquid ecosystem.

Capturing the opportunity
Let’s cut to the chase – there is no way to capture all of this trillion dollar opportunity without directly working with game publishers. This is a point that our competitors simply ignore or have no real plan on how to do so.

Game publishers own, develop and operate 100% of the game, including all of the digital goods generated within that game. They are the gatekeepers of the digital goods, and there’s no way to move the digital goods onto the blockchain without their active participation. They are also wary about integrating a new technology—especially one that’s as new and not mainstream as the blockchain—that could put their current $94.4B digital goods revenue at risk. It’s clear that the threshold to partner with publishers is high.

Gameflip is the only team capable of partnering with global game publishers to successfully build and scale a crypto-token and decentralized ecosystem for gamers.

Why Gameflip is the only team positioned for success
Simply put, the Gameflip team has a proven track record and expert advisors. We’re the only team that’s positioned to secure the publisher partnerships necessary to realizing this trillion-dollar opportunity. Here’s why:

Current thriving platform
We’ve invested millions of dollars and have done all the heavy lifting to building out our platform—and it’s paid off. Gameflip’s digital goods marketplace already enables gamers to safely transact digital goods for games across all gaming platforms. Our 2 million-member community now transacts millions of USD in sales per month. Gameflip is a living case study that shows publishers not only the demand for transacting digital goods, but also its massive revenue opportunities.

Unlike our competitors, we’re simply moving an already existing community and platform onto the blockchain to take the next step toward delivering fraud-free transactions. Backed by smart contracts, our FLIP (FLP) token will enable gamers to buy and sell digital goods safely on any centralized or decentralized marketplace.

Gaming and publishing experts
Our team has gaming and entrepreneurism in its DNA. Each team member has more than 10 years in the gaming industry, and the team has more than a century of collective experience architecting, launching and operating free-to-play gaming platforms. The Gameflip team built Aeria Games, a $100M game publishing business—a feat that gives us unique insight into the challenges facing publishers.

Tapping into this firsthand knowledge, we’ve built a flexible and secure solution that makes it easy for publishers to both place their digital goods on the blockchain and actively control what gets transacted in our decentralized ecosystem using FLIP.

Established, trusted network
When it comes to networks and relationships, our team has connections everywhere. In the past, we’ve partnered with the top global game publishers, and we have ongoing, solid relationships with companies like Disney, Ubisoft, Nexon, NHN, Sony, Bigpoint and GREE. Our advisors are founders of Electronic Arts, GREE and Bigpoint. Our combined network of top-tier industry experts gives us a unique entrance to connecting with trusted executives at all the top global game publishers.

As we prepare to launch the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for our FLIP token, we’re seeing an unprecedented response from gamers, publishers and investors alike. By bringing more publishers onto the blockchain, the snowball effect will continue driving FLIP into the spotlight—and gaming into the future.

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