This week Bitcoin hit a record high of $4,480, and its market capitalization reached as high as $73.5 billion, within touching distance of major stocks like Adobe and Netflix. If bitcoin was a stock, it would have already passed the market capitalization of Paypal.

There are already dozens of cryptocurrencies worth eight figures, and the birth pace of entrants is accelerating with the spread of newly famous transaction type called the “Initial Coin Offering”. ICOs have already become a worthy alternative to venture financing, helping blockchain-startups to attract almost $2 billion already. And it’s just the beginning: the number of token sales concluding each week has almost doubled for the first four months of 2017.

Some say a bubble is building. We say the potential of the new born crypto economy are thousands of times bigger, than most people realize. And what we see now is just the beginning of its expansion to a multitrillion dollar markets like real estate, commodities, works of art etc. One of the pioneers of this expansion is LAToken, the first tokenized assets exchange, where investors can buy and sell assets using cryptocurrency.

Sounds like extreme far future? Well, it’s not. This Monday LAToken tokenized Apple Inc. shares and listed them at LAT Exchange. “Within weeks we’ll list new asset classes, ranging from real estate to works of art at LAT Exchange, enabling maximum diversification for crypto investors,” says Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LAToken.

“My dream is to build a NASDAQ on Blockchain with a wider range of tradable assets, bluring the boundaries between crypto and real- ecomonies, and offering our clients a dramatic reduction of listing costs, settlement time, and transaction costs,” – Valentin explains. With estimates that the turnover of asset-backed tokens may exceed $1 trillion by 2025, LAT may be the next cryptocurrency to emerge in popularity driven by its usability on the platform.

Thanks to LAToken, anyone can tokenize almost any assets and list them on the exchange, where thousands of investors, from hedge-funds and family offices to individuals, are looking for option to diversify their portfolios. If you need to borrow money, you can list tokenized fractions of your house or other property to get cash without paying interest. And often you can still use your asset after the sale.

Investors also get amazing opportunities at LAT Exchange. First of all, they now get to diversify their portfolios with various asset classes without spending fortunes. At LAT Exchange they can invest across asset classes, even if the size of their transactions are small. For example, a share in Apple Inc. costs $157, which makes it impossible for an investor with just $50 to own it at this point. But at LAT Exchange they can buy fractions of the tokenized Apple shares for those $50. Investors can also enjoy the disruptive cost reduction and a higher transparency brought by the blockchain technology.


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