You need to register in advance to participate in our ICO in the white list. We offer a limited number of coins on this part of the ICO, and we recommend registering with the White List as soon as possible to ensure the receipt of the tokens.

The first stage of our ICO is pre-investment stage: it is aimed at determining the value of our company before the start of attracting major investments. During this stage of the ICO, our users will be able to test the services and ecosystem of LevelNet. The cost of one LVL token at this stage will be 0.01 $, and the total number of all tokens issued is 1,500,000,000.

Regardless of the stage, the owners of our tokens will receive privileges. In the case of the first part of ICO and LVL tokens, this will be:

– services of API business and premium level through the exchange of tokens for these services: a large number of tokens will allow to save on the corporate tariff, which will cost about 50,000 dollars a year.
– The lifetime right to use the LevelNet application and any LevelNet services for ordinary users without the necessary additional payment for premium services –
the right to participate in the second, investment stage of the ICO and exchange of the token LVL on LVLs, in fact, being the company’s share and financial instruments, with a further opportunity to receive a share of the company’s profits and participate in the distribution of dividends.

Absolutely necessary minimum, which is planned to be obtained through the initial placement of tokens, soft cap – 1.5 million US dollars. The maximum amount of funds that can be collected, the hard cap is about 12 million dollars. In order to increase investors’ interest in our tokens, we will destroy all tokens that will not be sold during the time of crowdsdale. There will also be no additional issue of tokens. These measures are aimed at increasing investors’ interest in our tokens.


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