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In many countries, the representatives of state institutions take a skeptical or negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies. Unlike in Liechtenstein, where the prince plans to invest a portion of the family assets in Bitcoin and consorts.

Liechtenstein is indeed the sixth smallest country on earth. The prince of Liechtenstein, however, has the largest fortune of all monarchs in Europe with an estimated US $ 5 billion. The princely family now wants to invest a small part of this wealth in cryptocurrencies, as Hereditary Prince Alois announced on the occasion of an interview with the news channel CNBC.

However, the acting deputy of the Prince limited, for the direct investment in Bitcoin and other digital currencies lack the Princely House the necessary expertise. His family is therefore focusing on private equity and venture capital funds. Crypto currencies are a risky asset class, but the blockchain will change many businesses. Blockchain technology could also make state administration more efficient.

Liechtenstein wants to become a crypto hub

Not only the Princely House sees great potential in virtual money and blockchain. The association “Crypto Country Association” wants to make Liechtenstein next to the canton of Zug a leading crypto hub. The founders believe that the authorities in Zug are overloaded with requests from crypto startups. Liechtenstein could benefit from this. Because in the country, the administration is much faster when granting a permit.

In addition, Bank Frick is the first Liechtenstein financial institution that enables its customers to trade in cryptocurrencies. The offer includes the five most important coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

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