As the cryptocurrency industry gets bigger and bigger, the need for a safe and secure decentralized currency exchange platform increases by the day. While many decentralized exchanges are self-regulated, Lightcash’s parent company is registered in Belize and the Lightcash ICO follows English Law with all necessary licenses issued by the International Financial Services Commission.

Belize – March 10th 2018, Lightcash has announced that their Pre-Sale has begun for an ICO that is expected to be a top performer of the year. Lightcash is a financial marketplace that offers solutions for integrating existing world economies with decentralized economies. Lightcash has developed the first entirely legally compliant decentralized exchange for operations with cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and the Lightcash Coin secured by real gold mined from gold deposits in Russia. The platform has an unparalleled amount of security features and user benefits that rival just about any digital currency wallets available online. The array of features include a multi-currency wallet, foreign currency trading, plastic debit cards and deposit accounts that pay interest for ICO participants.

The team at Lightcash have a combined experience of over 50 years in everything from blockchain programming to finance and gold mining. The controlling company of the Lightcash project also own Lapri Mining Company, LLC, an operating gold mining enterprise. The Lightcash cryptocurrency Crypto Gold (LCSH) is backed by gold that is mined from an operating gold deposit owned by Lapri Mining Company. Lightcash has designed an app to make it easy to instantly exchange Lightcash tokens for fiat currencies or to shop for goods within the Lightcash ecosystem. The Lightcash iOS and Android mobile apps provide maximum ease of use and speed when managing finances. The Lightcash platform algorithms provide an effective, automated currency exchange rate comparison, which can be used for P2P exchanges on different cryptocurrency exchanges.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for Lightcash was quoted as saying, “This is an amazing time for us here at Lightcash. All of the infrastructure is in place to launch our very own gold backed cryptocurrency! We have the necessary permits and state issued licenses, now we are ready to launch our ICO.” He went on to say, “Investors have been showing a lot of interest in this ICO because it is backed by gold – there are not many tokens out there that can say they are backed by the real thing! To ensure the stability of the Lightcash system, we are planning to release our own cryptocurrency Lightcash Crypto Gold (LCSH) with low volatility. We own the alluvial gold deposit in the Amur Region of Russia, and have obtained the necessary permits and licenses required to operate a gold mine on the site.” In the near future Lightcash also plans to introduce a number of free banking services.

The Pre-ICO for this highly anticipated ICO has already begun and is expected to close on March 11, 2018. During Pre-Sale only 210,000,000 tokens will be issued at a cost of 0.0002 ETH per token. Investors who enter during Pre-Sale will qualify for a 30% discount. ICO participants will be able to open crypto deposits and earn interest on purchased tokens. The Lightcash ICO will be conducted within the requirements of the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission), and under the guidance of appropriate legal counsel.

To learn more about the Lightcash ICO visit their official website at or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

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