This week cryptocurrency wallet Lumi celebrated its 3rd anniversary. Last year was extremely busy for Lumi Wallet’s team, as one update followed another. From going open-source to the white-label program, let’s go through the main updates that were accomplished by Lumi in the last year.

One of the company’s main news stories in the last year was launching a “purchase cryptocurrency with a credit card” feature. Since that happened, Lumi Wallet’s users have been able to purchase dozens of tokens and stablecoins with a credit card, more than 25 fiat currencies are supported by Lumi Wallet now, including USD, EUR, CNY, INR, AUD, RUB, ILS, and so on.

To provide a variety of choices for users, within the last year Lumi, in collaboration with Simplex we integrated 10+ tokens and stablecoins for purchase, more than 30+ tokens and stablecoins were added for exchange transactions, the total number of listed assets in the wallet is currently around 1300 digital assets. According to Lumi Wallet data, users prefer the buy & store operations more than sell or exchange, especially in August when the Bitcoin price dropped. The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether, and USDT were bought more often.

Since users’ purchase activity has increased, the Lumi Wallet team increased the efforts to provide more security for clients’ funds. After a year of hard work, they announced it had become an open-source wallet. That meant more transparency, security, and reliability. Lumi Wallet’s code has been double-checked dozens of times by crypto community members, and got proof of being highly secure. Along with going open-source, the team focused on local security feature upgrades, and set limits for transactions, improved the pin-code enter, limited the number of incorrect inputs, prohibited copy-paste of the mnemonic in-wallet, and much more. All efforts to provide a high quality & secure product led to the launch and realization of a white-label program, the first wallet deployed under Lumi White Label is scheduled for October.

Diana Furman, CEO of Lumi Wallet commented:

It’s been 3 years since our cryptocurrency journey started. We are grateful to all our users and partners for their support, their trust is pushing us towards new horizons. We want to provide the best service, and we will launch credit cards, update our wallet to different languages, integrate other payment methods and a lot of more interesting news will be announced in the future. We will continuously increase our efforts to promote the Lumi brand in different countries, improve the quality and security of our project, and always stay on our clients’ side”.

About Lumi Wallet

Lumi Wallet

Lumi Wallet was released in 2017 and has been constantly evolving ever since. It is a non-custodial, open-source, private wallet that has Android, iOS, and web versions. Lumi supports BTC, BCH, ETH, EOS, Tether USDT, Binance USD, Paxos Standard Token, Celsius, Dai, and more than 1,200 ERC20 tokens. It allows customers to store, buy & exchange cryptocurrencies.

The wallet’s team is active on Twitter and Telegram, also Lumi has a lively blog. If you have some suggestions for currencies the wallet needs to add, or just want to say hi – don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected].

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