In August 2016, a 36-year-old from Vorchdorf ordered drugs from the darknet. The man, a 36-year-old shipped the packages to his mother’s address; the rehab program he participated in would catch these types of mailings. The Frankfurt Customs Office, between August and December, intercepted four packages sent to the mother’s house in Unterach. The Federal Police sent word to the criminal department of the district of Vorchdorf police station and officers recognized the address with little difficulty.

The Frankfurt Customs Office, during the few months of investigation, found 675 grams of amphetamine and 100 red ecstasy pills. Police made no note of additional packages or any additional information regarding each package. Authorities indicated that the suspect joined a “substitution program.” In Germany, substitution programs are equivalent to rehabs or drug clinics. They often focus primarily on opioids and opiates—and customs intercepted neither class of drug.

News outlets failed to mention the legal status of the man’s treatment—he may have volunteered, or the participation may be court ordered. The following excerpt is from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Addiction website:

In Germany, responsibility for the implementation of drug treatment falls to the federal Länder and municipalities. Available treatment ranges from low-threshold contacts and counseling services to intensive treatment and therapy in specialized inpatient facilities, with a large offer of opioid substitution treatment (OST) and the availability of long-term rehabilitative treatment and social reintegration options (EMCDA)

The Coordinated Crime Service of Vöcklabruck (KKD) investigated the man after they received the tip from customs. In late December, local authorities raided the home. They found drugs worth an estimated €18,000. Police said the drugs were “relevant” to the case but did not disclose the type or the quantity of the substances found. Furthermore, they found spoons that showed apparent signs of drug use: they appeared to be used for cooking a particular substance. Likely, given his situation at the substitution program, he used the spoons for boiling heroin. And the drugs police found at the residence, per the same reasoning, were highly likely to be heroin.

Police mentioned finding packaging material for amphetamine, providing evidence that he ordered amphetamine from the darknet. Beyond the 675 grams seized by customs. They also found two swords. Police shipped the accused to Wels where he faced a judge for the crimes mentioned above. One source noted that he received a weapons ban that stopped him from buying guns or swords.

He currently sits in Wels prison.

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