After an intensive manhunt in Germany, on March 9, law enforcement authorities arrested the man who allegedly killed a nine-year-old child and uploaded the video to a dark net site.

The suspect, a 19-year-old man named Marcel Hesse, allegedly posted a video of him murdering a nine-year-old child with a knife to the dark web. An anonymous dark net user reported the case to the police, who found the body of a nine-year-old boy hidden in a cellar on Monday evening. Investigators found the child, whose name was not disclosed due to privacy reasons, stabbed to death in the West German town of Herne. Law enforcement authorities believe that the murderer was the neighbor of the unfortunate victim.

Later on, Hesse allegedly reported a fire at an apartment nearby, where law enforcement authorities found a second body. Since police did not disclose any information on the dead body, we do not know the identity of the victim for sure. However, according to German investigators, Hesse also mentioned online the killing of a woman. According to the 19-year-old the woman “put up more of a fight than the child”. There is a possibility that the woman Hesse allegedly murdered was the second body police found.

Police did a fast background check on the alleged murderer, who is a German national with no immigration background. According to officials, the killing is not terror-related.

Hesse posted in a dark web chat room on Monday evening that he was heavily drunk on red wine and wanted to do something “rotten”, a German source said. The man did not post for 31 minutes, then he returned to the chat room and uploaded an image of himself grinning and holding a blood-stained knife. The suspect threatened that he would also commit a second murder. The video Hesse allegedly posted in the chat room has not been officially released, and it is unclear whether the media content included images of the killing.

“We assume that these are authentic images,” a police spokesman told the media. “On a picture, you can see the supposed culprit with obviously blood-stained hands.”

According to a witness, Hesse posted on the messaging service WhatsApp that he wanted to kill himself. However, according to the 19-year-old, he couldn’t do it so he murdered a child instead. The family of the victim told local media that the suspect asked their son for help with a ladder. The stepfather of the boy went in search after the kid, and found his dead body in the cellar.

Most of the media outlets refer to a “dark net chat room” where Hesse posted the disturbing image, however, German newspaper claims the image was uploaded to 4chan. Pictures there are published and discussed on the imageboard by users in anonymity. 4chan is famous for its correspondingly wild and chaotic content, which is difficult to bear to some users. According to the German news outlet, the picture was posted to / b / on 4chan, where racist, pornographic and repulsive content is seen.

After law enforcement authorities informed about the murder and found the body of the nine-year-old, they started an intense manhunt for the suspected murderer. On Tuesday, investigators with police helicopters and sniffer dogs were searching for Hesse. They received additional backup from officials from the neighboring areas.

The suspect is unemployed and has no criminal history. However, police described the man as “something of an outsider”.

“He is generally a reserved and a rather timid type. However, he should on no account be approached,” Volker Schütte, a police spokesman, told the media when the suspect was still on the loose.

North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) asked internet users to not spread the content Hesse posted on the website. According to the politician, the video even surprised the investigators. Officials described that they had not seen such thing. According to Jäger, he can’t remember a case where the suspect filmed and published the murder.

According to police information, nobody in the close area of the crime noticed anything about the murder.

“The smartphone is the only witness,” an investigating officer said. However, law enforcement authorities couldn’t find the phone of the alleged murderer.

An important update was posted by the German news outlet in the case, saying that Hesse posted new updates in the “dark net chat room” a day after the child’s death.

“According to the latest investigations, further pictures have appeared in an Internet chat. These photos may be the property of Marcel Hesse, “police reported.

And further: “A person, who as the volatile murderer of the nine-year-old boy from Herne issues, today published the following text in a chat at 15.47:

‘I cut myself into the hand when I combated the 120 kg beast. She gave more resistance than the child. I tortured her from the data bank, PC, and phone out, so I cannot publish the name.’”

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