Within the rapidly advancing world, the market and workplace are drastically changing due to technological innovation. With this in mind, the Mavro token plans to establish a new norm for the multi level marketing (MLM) industry through the creation of its token which is set to launch in quarter one of 2018. The user-friendly interface, along with the implementation of smart contracts will help establish this new norm for MLM users and businesses.

The token will accomplish this by creating a transparent system which MLM companies and users can operating within. There will also be a bounty system which will further help enhance the users and businesses operating within it. All of which will be placed within safety of the Ethereum network which provides added security features to the overall system.


The Mavro token sale begins in the March of 2018, in which investors can invest one Ethereum token for 4,700 Mavro tokens. The development team plans to release a standalone Mavor wallet by Q3, 2018. With this in mind, users can also participate in the pre-sale, which registration is currently open for through the Mavro.Org website. All and all this should become one of the most exciting initial coin offerings to launch in 2018.


The transparency of the system will instill more trust than traditional MLM ventures currently allow. Within the Mavro network, users and businesses alike will benefit from the transparency included. Businesses will be able to cut their expenses through cost-saving measures enabled by the transparent system. A couple benefits of a transparent system can be seen when businesses don’t need to spend expensive budget items for accounting practices or simply prosecuting offenders who end up abusing the system because it is not transparent.

Bounty System

Users within the new Mavro system will further benefit from the addition of a bounty system to complete actions for businesses, while securing compensation for users themselves for completing these tasks. The bounty system will help create a new network for businesses to complete their digital workload. Which will inturn provide value for the users of the bounty system by providing work opportunities to users. Overall the incentives for the bounty hunters should help create generous rewards for the hunters who participate.

Smart Contracts

The nature of the blockchain will provide a host of benefits to the Mavro token and therefore Mavro network. First, the Ethereum network is nearly impossible to corrupt because of its massive size and overall network strength empowered through it’s decentralized essence. Furthermore, the secure smart contract system provided by the Ethereum network in and of itself will provide immense value for Mavro. With the implementation of smart contracts, users will be able to safely and securely transact within the MLM system. Thus, further providing value to the bottomline line for those involved in these niche networks.

All and all, the Mavro token hopes to revolutionize the way in which the MLM industry operates.  The token will do so by providing an overall blockchain benefit which we see throughout the Ethereum network with features such as a decentralized network, lower transaction fees, and the use of the state-of-the-art smart contract system in place on the network. Furthermore, the Mavro token will implement a bounty system with addition to a transparent system. These features will seek to enhance the experience of users and business alike. Hurry to visit to register for the pre-sale today!

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