Microsoft Drives Forward with the Blockchain: BTCManager’s Week in Review April 24

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Microsoft has announced a new Plugin for Office10 that makes it possible to store a hash of documents on the blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic. With this, you can prove the authenticity of any document – without the need for a notary or a lawyer. Microsoft has potentially created Bitcoin’s first non-monetary killer app.

The new notary app for Outlook is not Microsoft’s first venture into the world of blockchain technology. Microsoft has also developed the Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, which allows companies to collaborate by experimenting with new business processes using Microsoft’s cloud-based distributed ledger platform. Microsoft has also joined the Enterprise Ethereum Network to develop blockchain solutions together with leading financial institutions and has teamed up with startup Tierion to secure identities in digital format on the blockchain. 

The head of the Large Bitcoin Collider, an attempt to crack bitcoin private keys, also spoke to BTCManager: “Yes, I own some bitcoin, and the LBC does not change that. What I personally would not do any longer is to store large sums of bitcoin on a single address. By

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