Advertisment develops and promotes a new generation chatbot marketplace and platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies to make them available for a broad market of micro, small and medium enterprises around the world, which number estimated up to 300 million.

You can find plenty of articles about Why Businesses Need Chatbots. They need it because chatbots help automate responses to routine customer requests, they’re engaging, they’re particularly good when targeting at millennials, and they are cost effective comparing to mobile apps for example. They are also use Artificial Intelligence. But while okay for big companies, its too resource consuming for SME. Headlines like “Chatbots are Helping Businesses” are mostly about a software giant, its supercomputer and its corporate clients like banks. democratizes the chatbot deployment for Small and Medium-sized Enterprizes by making it even  more affordable through its innovative decentralized marketplace and cloud platform. The platform has already been built and put into commercial service, working for about 10 mln mobile users around the world, sending about 1 billion messages every month. More than 5000 development teams are registered with chatbot platform.

Now is building a  decentralized chatbot marketplace that comprises sale partners from one side and developers from the other side. Developers create chatbot/miniapps templates and make them available through the  marketplace to sales partners. Sale partners work with SME clients and use those chatbot templates to create customised solutions for their clients. Partners do not need to have any software development or machine learning competencies. Instead they use Visual Builder to stick together templates just like Lego bricks, and AI components provided by connected partners. has launched the crowdsale of its MAT tokens, which will last until December 18, allowing both chatbot and cryptocurrency communities to become part of its initiative. The total amount of 20 million MAT will be generated. The soft cap is set at $5 million. During the crowdsale 10 million MAT will be offered to participants  at the price of 0.01 ETH. As the platform has been already developed, collected funds will be spent mostly for business scaling and development of the partner network. 

The MAT token holders are offered an opportunity to take advantage of the decentralized ecosystem at attractive prices. A single MAT token (equivalent of ETH 0.01 or $3.00) gives an owner rights to participate in marketplace and get benefits worth $500 per year or even more depending on the amount of tokens under the operation. The detailed calculation of various MAT business cases can be found in the whitepaper.

The forms of the participation include becoming a partner and getting partner’s discounts, placing one’s chatbot templates in the marketplace, getting extra commission from template sales, running a referral program and others. If a token holder is not going to get involved in marketplace activities she can lease her tokens through the referral system to someone who wants to participate in the without purchasing its tokens.

There are 300 million micro, small and medium size enterprises in the world, according to The World Bank. estimates the MSME chatbot market as at least $3 billion a year, and  is set to take 10 percent of it. It is enormous number of the  platform and the marketplace’s  participants with different jurisdictions, financial regulations, national currencies and level of mutual trust, which are resolved by with the help of blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrency and tokenization.

The founder and CEO of, Vitaly Gumirov, emphasized the economic value of the token by saying, “Our token is made not only for fund raising, but in order to create a decentralized global marketplace and the community of developers and partners that will be able to meet demands of small businesses around the globe. This market is largely underserved by big tech companies, which prefer B2C or corporate B2B. At the other hand, SMEs often don’t have competencies or resources to implement IT solutions themselves. Miniapps mission is to bridge the gap between SME and high-tech world. By offering our token we invite participants to our future ecosystem, that will help to achieve this mission and make Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, and other state-of–the-art technologies affordable by small businesses over the world.”

In September 2017 collected $500,000 in a private presale. The entire amount was earmarked to launch the crowdsale of MAT token, which is being presented by the company as an attractive opportunity for those who want to be part of its revolutionary initiative to launch a decentralized global chatbot ecosystem and cloud platform.

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