Techpreneur and blockchain enthusiast, Moritz Pindorek, announces the launch of,
a new education and information source for newbies and experts in the Web3 space

Moritz Pindorek is looking to share his wealth of knowledge and experience as well as the expertise of
other forward-thinking individuals and stakeholders in the world of crypto with as many people as
possible across the globe as he launches The user-friendly platform is designed as
an online resource for crypto education, containing different types of information ranging from how-tos
to best-ofs, guides, and a host of others.

“Education is still a big barrier in the Web 3 space, we try to help people get more bundled information.” –
Moritz Pindorek.

Web 3 technology and the crypto world as a whole have witnessed a series of evolution and massive
expansion in recent times thanks to their versatility and diverse use cases. Despite the amazing feat
achieved in the world of blockchain and virtual space, millions of people and even businesses are yet to
harness its benefits. Difficulty in accessing quality information remains one of the major entry barriers to
web 3.0. Unfortunately, many of the available resources are not properly detailed to captivate or even
guide newbies in particular through the process. Consequently, Moritz Pindorek is looking to change this
narrative with the launch of looks into everything that relates to blockchain technology, the Metaverse, and
virtual space in general. The platform offers content on crypto, Web3, NFT, and even the use of the
technology in mainstream finance. Moritz Pindorek and the team share their expertise with users of the
online resource in terms that practically anyone can understand with relative ease, breaking down the
jargon into the language of “laymen.”

The move resonates with the goal of Moritz Pindorek to promote the adoption of web3, with
information on crypto service and provider reviews, as well as reviews of crypto products, software,
platforms, and exchanges. The comprehensiveness of as well as the
user-friendliness of the platform in terms of content and ease of navigating the site makes it an ideal
companion for crypto enthusiasts.

For further information about and the plethora of resources available, visit


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