The former Hollywood actor Brock Pierce wants to buy the rights to the remnants of the Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox. Their CEO Mark Karpelès has now commented on the plans.

You can not put it another way: it’s an unholy alliance that Brock Pierce plans. If it goes according to the ideas of the former Hollywood star child, he buys the rights to the disgraced Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox and tried using ICO to compensate the creditors. These are currently waiting for their lost Bitcoin. The bitcoin market went bankrupt because it was allegedly hacked. In retrospect, there were considerable doubts about this attack. So, according to the current state of knowledge, it seems likely that the former CEO and some of his employees have fled the supposedly hacked cryptocurrencies. This now apparently logs to the plans of Brock Pierce to word.

Mark Karpelès told crypto magazine The Block that he considers Pierce’s plans unlikely to succeed. Accordingly, he received a purchase request by letter. However, he never answered. In addition, the requirement for sale of the debris of Mt.Gox is a court approval. In addition, after receipt of the letter, an agreement must be reached within 45 days. Neither one nor the other, according to Karpèles, ever took place. In this context, the former CEO of the Bitcoin Exchange summarized:

The letter has no meaning.

Plans by Pierce are “groundless”

In addition, the share of Mt. Gox, the Pierce already to hold means void. Because the Mt.Gox guidelines provide that all shareholders agree to a sale of company shares. This had never happened, as Karpelès emphasized to TheBlock. The plans of Brock Pierce to compensate by his takeover of the bruised former users, so are finally void:

The narrative of Pierce is that he is nice enough to pay a surplus to the creditors, but that does not exist anyway. And even if there is one, he is not a member of Mt.Gox, so [his plans] are baseless.

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