Every now and then a blockchain project arises with an incredibly lofty goal and a team of determined developers behind it. Given the fact that the entire blockchain community was built on the goal of sustained innovation for the enhancement of humanity, it is almost impossible not to get excited as a crypto enthusiast whenever this happens.

One of such projects making waves at the moment is the MyFunding.Network automated trading dApp on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The aim of the platform is clear and straightforward enough – to revolutionize the world of artificial intelligence crypto trading leveraging the immense opportunity for maximum efficiency provided by the Binance Smart Chain.

How does it seek to achieve this? We take a deeper look below.

Revolutionizing Automated Crypto Trading

In blockchain development, simplicity is a goal that is usually far too elusive. Ultimately, once a project is finished its promises are undermined by the complexity it poses to users, and it almost seems as though the developers could not care less about that aspect of their project.

Usually, this is false. 

Ambiguity arises simply because the tools for breaking things down are not available. Luckily, the crypto community has come so far that there is absolutely no need for such ambiguities anymore.

Thanks to the Binance Smart Chain, for example, the team behind MyFunding.Network recognized an opportunity to take a huge leap forward in effective automated crypto trading. Finally, there is a genuine opportunity to remove all ambiguities and build a platform that thrives on consistency, flexibility, and simplicity, without sacrificing power.

User Experience on MyFunding.Network

MyFunding.Network aims to make things as simple and direct as possible for its users, and that is clear from the moment one arrives on the platform. Navigations are extremely easy and all key features are arranged in a way that makes it possible for novice users to make the most of them as though they were seasoned pros.

Deposits and withdrawal can be completed in a matter of minutes. With the dApp integrated on the Binance Smart Chain, all one has to do as a prospective trader is link their Metamask wallet or Trust Wallet to the dApp so as to make deposits and begin their automated trades.

BNB can be easily purchased on these wallets by adding the Binance Smart Chain network and retrieving the appropriate wallet address. Traders are able to deposit as little as they deem appropriate while the platform only takes 3% of the deposit fees and nothing more.

Mobile users have the luxury of choosing between 115 different wallet types and withdrawing is just as simple and can be carried out in a few simple steps.

Meet the Team

A project is only as good as the team behind it, and despite the lofty goals set from the very beginning by MyFunding.Network, people familiar with the developers behind the project were quite confident from the start that it was an achievable one.

This wasn’t a question of blind faith, but an assessment made from years of evidence of quality and long-term sustainability.

MyFunding.Network, you see, was created by the Oreca.Community dev group, a team of blockchain/crypto developers with a handful of successful projects that include DAOs, dApps, and smart chains.

The teams’ objective had always been simplicity, consistency, and sustainability. With MyFunding.Network, it appears they have hit the nail right on the head once again.

To find out more about the MyFunding.Network project, including features, functionalities, and frequently asked questions feel free to check out their website. Traders who wish to connect with the team and other like-minded traders can also do so on their Telegram channel here –

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