With MEDIS, users can earn MediCOIN in exchange for their data, and
spend them when they need treatment, medication or healthcare services.

Westerville, Ohio, November 30, 2017, LLC today has announced its entry into the medical health care industry creating a new model for health care payment and data storage that puts the patient in charge of their own personal medical history. The company plans to launch its services in the United Arab Emirates and will expand internationally in 2018.

MyMEDIS’s goal is to become a global holder of medical and health related data generated by and for the patient. This next generation digital data structure method uses blockchain technology. Their new medical storage system will assist users in locating the right doctors and hospitals that can provide the best treatment on a global scale. World renowned hospitals will be able to easily connect and facilitate communications for the best possible patient experience.

MyMedis.In, is a patient-centric web portal which facilitates access to a patient’s medical records kept in their personal medical electronic folder. Electronic wallets are an encrypted storage medium holding information that can be used for electronic transactions. The service will be free to patients, can allow payment to patients for their information, and includes an ultra-secure three factor authentication for next level security. This new medical portal conveniently works across all digital platforms including cell phones and all carriers, globally.

The website features a short video introduction of its services and will utilize an advanced voice recognition program to conduct record searches. Local and regional medical options are provided within a few minutes. The system is multi-lingual and automatically detects the country of origin for more accurate search results. International options are provided upon request. The sign-up process is simple and can be completed simply using a cell phone. Conveniently, the system also allows payment for services using a personal medical wallet which supports standard and crypto currency.

Additionally, patients can rate their experience for services rendered with accurate feedback on individual providers, available to the MyMEDIS community. The company is actively developing partnerships to commercialize its technology internationally by initiating efforts in countries that want to be leaders in the medical technology space.

The MyMEDIS  ICO will launch on December 1, 2017, and end on June 1, 2018. This ICO represents a great opportunity to be part of a revolution in the way patients could control their healthcare costs and records. A detailed discussion on this second-generation healthcare concept can be viewed in their Whitepaper.


To learn more about the MyMedis ICO Token Sale:
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About MyMedis.In:

MyMEDIS is a new solution for storing, accessing and sharing medical records. Based on decentralized network technology, it uses an encrypted, swarm-based distributed storage solution and offers easy voice access to medical data, leveraging mobile and three factor authentication for security. By creating and using our own medical currency we can also easily compare and contrast medical procedures globally. Using this crypto-currency patients can easily pay for services and products, or even get paid for offering their medical data to research institutions or hospitals. Companies can invite patients to new medical studies and pay rewards for participation in the same currency.

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