San Francisco, California, November 18, 2018, Bitcoin, aka “King of all Crypto”, is down 70% from its high, Ethereum is down 86%, Ripple down 88%, and etc. Adding to the fact that most ICO projects are vaporware, therefore the value has gone close to zero. It has truly been a horrific scene across the entire blockchain world.

However, is everyone losing money? Who is the winner in this market? How are they winning when everyone is losing?

The answer is simple: Quantitative Trading Technologies.

Traditionally, quantitative trading requires investors to have both finance and coding expertise along with tremendous capital in order to function seamlessly. As a result, Walls Street’s top-notch investment banks exclusively control all the best technologies by allocating their money and human capital into this field.

For the average investor, investing is hardly about making money, but rather about surviving…

Until NetCentric appears.

NetCentric is the first platform which provides the necessary toolkit and tech-support for average crypto-investors to excel in this volatile market. By leveraging a simple to use quantitative technology, investors will have an opportunity to customize their own trading bot based on their risk tolerance level and trading style.

By implementing investors’ trading strategies into automated executions, the trading bot will begin trading 24/7 with a single purpose: Accumulate More Wealth. In its beta version, Netcentric platform supports more than 300+ crypto-asset trading pairs including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Eos, and etc. (Try NetCentric Beta Version at

“NetCentric is the first AI and community based quantitative strategic trading platform,” Said Jing Huang, the co-founder of NetCentric, “This technology will be the future trend, even for people who have quantitative trading experience, it can massively reduce the possibility of subjective judgment and irrational investment decisions.”

For investors who have minimum knowledge in finance or trading, NetCentric is currently establishing its first official strategy library, which constitutes 30 quantitative strategies covering the current mainstream needs. After a large amount of reliability testing, these strategies are formulated by a professional quantitative team who have more than 30 years of traditional financial quantitative-trading and developing experience.

With cutting-edge technology and vision, NetCentric had received multiple fundings from multiple world-class crypto-exchanges and finance giants including: Huobi, Eco, Bibox, ICONIZ, Float Capital, and Hello Capital.

By working alongside Huobi and Bibox, who already have tens of millions of active investors, NetCentric can have a true use case and immediately make an impact in this bear market.

NetCentric, transforms users to the next generation of the trading experts.

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NetCentric is an AI and community based decentralized quantitative asset trading platform.

Users only need to assemble an “intelligent trading robot”, just as building up Lego™ blocks to fully achieve fully intelligent automatic trading without requiring a complicated quantification process with a large number of academic resources. NetCentric’s vision is to open up the world of trading automation for everyone.

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