Being paid for what a person would do for free is normally considered as the ideal employment in most climes. But being paid for what you would do for fun completely takes employment to another level. What about being able to achieve a dream that would naturally have cost a huge amount of money at almost no cost and not depending on favors from acclaimed stakeholders within the field of endeavor?

The above-mentioned scenarios represent the developing trend and promise of Blockchain powered to the filmmaking industry which is undergoing significant revolution at the moment.

An industry under expansion

The influx of independent filmmakers into the filmmaking industry has been encouraged by the drop in price of equipment for shooting, producing, and editing films. Hence, filmmaking is not just for big production companies anymore. In 2017 alone, over 6.4 mln viewers enjoyed almost 70,000 independent films. Traditional cinemas cannot possibly grow to support the exploding volume of independent films being created worldwide.

Every year there are approximately 6,000 film festivals worldwide, with participation of over 100,000 film directors. With so many films being made, only a small percentage ever reach the big screen of the cinema. Only a maximum of 100 films from a festival will ever even reach the rental market. Even large film companies are not able to show their movies physically in the cinema. Film companies and individual independent filmmakers must spend huge amounts to market their films because without advertisement cinemas will never show those movies. The result is that many quality films never make it to the movie screens. This is a lost opportunity for both filmmakers and audiences.

Innovation eliminates intermediaries

The combination of more affordable equipment and a decentralized technology serve as an enabling setup for both filmmakers and audiences. These filmmakers now find the opportunity to make their work visible to global audiences who now enjoy the luxury of unrestricted access to unlimited products at no cost.

The closest that filmmakers have come to sharing their content with global audiences have been through online platforms like YouTube. This boycotts the hassle of going through the tedious screening processes and costly marketing and publishing packages of large established studios. However, the benefits offered by YouTube and other similar platforms fall short of the offerings by powered by Blockchain technology.

Win-win for everyone provides a much more user-friendly platform with far superior functionality. When movies are viewed on YouTube, one of the most available metrics is just number of views. offers much more valuable marketing data. Filmmakers will see all members of the viewing audience, will get feedback about the film and will be able to save these users information for inviting them to view future films as well. This will be a convenient tool for growing the filmmakers’ business, as they can analyze audience, obtain feedback from them, and invite to view future films as well. Now everyone can open his/her own cinema and sell tickets to videos.

Beyond the direct and sustainable relationship between filmmakers and their audiences, the platform enables a symbiotic relationship for both film creators and their audiences. For filmmakers, the tool will enable films and other content (sporting events, business training, online theatrical plays, etc)  to be shared with viewers worldwide. will also have benefits for moviegoers. First, of course, a whole new world of entertainment will be open to viewers. In addition to the obvious viewing pleasure, users will be paid for viewing films using the platforms underlying cryptocurrency, ApplauseCash (APLC) and used only inside the product.

Enhancing social networking

The platform goes beyond cash rewards by offering its users the opportunity to connect with other viewers across the globe. This is possible through the platform’s Internet Video Co-Viewing (IVCV), a new way of distributing video, which allows an unlimited number of online users to gather together and view the same video content in one virtual theater at the same time. This fosters an entirely new social network with unlimited potentials in today’s digital world.

Indeed, Blockchain technology is introducing humankind to a world of several new possibilities. Who could have assumed a filmmaking industry with so much fun and opportunities packed in one place at almost no cost.

The project kicks off its opportunity to the general public through its APLC token sale during pre-ICO (Jan. 18-24, 2018) and ICO period (Feb. 1-28, 2018). Based on the platform’s smart contract, tokens will be distributed next day after the end of the token sale (March 1, 2018). Payment for content and any action in APLC tokens in platform will be possible when version two of the Alpha Platform will be released in late April 2018.

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