The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has formed three new working groups: Digital Identity, Energy and Multiplatform Interoperability.

This raises the number of working groups and committees within the EEA. Each of the working groups should promote Ethereum-based blockchain technology in their respective focus areas. »This is to enable the members of the EEA to solve the current problems with the help of Ethereum. Members see significant value in the Identity, Energy and Multiplatform interoperability applications for Ethereum-based blockchain technology, “said Jeremy Millar, co-founder and member of the EEA board.

The EEA is home to nearly 300 members, including many startups, the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative. The EEA has formed member-driven and industry-focused working groups. The areas in which the working groups are active include, in addition to the financial sector, banking and insurance, government organizations, energy, healthcare, pharmacy and marketing.

The Ethereum Energy Working Group defines standards for industries in the energy environment, including oil and gas, mining, refineries, energy trading, utilities and networks.

The Multiplatform Working Group is working to adapt Ethereum to different operating and hardware systems. The current version is only suitable for certain operating systems. The goal is to make them universally applicable.

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