The online gambling industry has just gained a new place. FuturoBet is a different approach to online games. The new casino is supported by blockchain technology.

The blockchain is an ingenious technology, which aims to revolutionize the world. When over 10 years ago Satoshi Nakamoto (anonymous person or group responsible for Bitcoin) wrote a manifesto, it was just a nuance for geeks and nerds. Nobody could even expect that the technology would be so wide-spread after only a decade. Today, blockchain technology is used in shipment supply chains, payments and money transfers, online voting, mobile devices, cryptocurrencies, and many other industries.

FuturoBet is taking the technology one step further. The new online casino is not just another place to gamble. It combines two worlds, which so far haven’t often been associated: cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain, and online betting games.


FuturoBet was created on Malta on the fourth of April 2019. The new platform has already attracted many users. Thanks to cryptocurrency implementations, FuturoBet draws the attention not only of online casino players, but also crypto holders.

It operates on a quite simple basis. Users register on the platform, deposit their money and select the game you want to play. After those three quick steps, everyone can enter the world of over 1000 online games. What also distinguishes FuturoBet from the competition, is the fact that it offers its users not only poker, roulette, blackjack, and other casino-related entertainments, but also many different games.

FuturoBet accepts two digital assets: Bitcoin (BTC) and FuturoCoin (FTO). When a user deposits their funds, they are exchanged into mBTC (microBitcoin, which are equal to 1/1000 BTC), which is official in-game currency.

With the blockchain usage, FuturoBet takes the whole industry to a new level. There isn’t any requirement of fiat money. Everything can be done online! The blockchain is a technology of the future and FuturoBet joins that revolution. Even in its slogan, the casino proudly announce: Win Your Future!

Affiliate program

Another advantage of the new platform is an affiliate program called FuturoBet Network. Even if you don’t want to play, you can Build Your Future. That is the trademark of the FuturoBet Network.

How does it work? Every user of the platform can build their own network and earn money for inviting friends. What is great about that program is the fact that networkers don’t have to play in the casino to take profits from the network.

For more information about FuturoBet or FuturoBet Network, you can check their websites or write an email to [email protected].

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