Google ban Bitcoin

According to rumors, Google plans to ban advertising for ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The measure should prevent scams. What this news means for serious advertisers remains to be seen.

After Facebook now follows Google: Advertising for ICOs and cryptocurrencies are to be banned according to various sources even in the market-leading Internet search engine and the most visited website in the world.

Occasionally, advertisers from these industries have already complained about difficulties in using Google Ads. Likewise complained operators of various crypto-affine YouTube channels closing their websites.

A serious accusation is voiced by the start-up Latinum and the algo trading platform Crypto Bot Settings: After submitting an advertisement, not only the concrete Adverts, but the Google Ads accounts were blocked altogether.

Google itself seems to emphasize that there is no such internal policy. However, there were at least discussions in this regard between the well-known search engine and the Canadian Binary Options Taskforce and the FBI. In these talks, the Canadian and US authorities asked the search engine operator to take a similar position to Facebook on cryptographic advertisements.
No complete spell expected

As in the case of Facebook, it seems less about censoring search results in terms of blockchain-related topics. It’s also about avoiding advertising that prizes financial products and services in a shady environment. From this point of view, such regulation of the crypto industry can be good for external perception.

Nevertheless, it will no doubt be difficult for reputable representatives in individual cases to come to Google: over-zealous employees can use discretionary decisions to make life difficult even for reputable blockchain companies. In that regard, should such a step come to wait for the exact interpretation.

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