The growing community of traders needs not only the most convenient platforms, the most advanced trading tools, but also educational projects to increase the efficiency of their activities.
OnyxTraders becomes the most user-friendly trading platform of the new generation by combining it all.

Choosing the right trading platform is essential for any trader. With so many options, it can be challenging to know where to start.
If you’re looking for a new trading platform, look no further. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at OnyxTraders, one of the best platforms on the market.

Trader Success Is at the Heart of the OnyxTraders Mission

The broker’s earnings directly depend on the success of the traders working with it. Therefore, the platform spares no effort in educational projects for its clients:

● Trading for beginners

● Fundamental analysis

● Technical analysis

● Trading Psychology

● The most effective and popular indicators

Wide Selection of Trading Instruments 

Trading each asset has its specifics, dynamics, and active supporters. For traders to have the opportunity to choose any asset that suits them in terms of trading style and applied strategies, OnyxTraders has made the range for trading CFD contracts as wide as possible:

● Indices

● Crypto

● Forex

● Commodities

● Stocks

Information and Analytical Support of Trading

So that platform users do not have to explore the Internet in search of additional information necessary for successful trading, OnyxTraders has collected everything they need in one place:

● Daily news affecting the rise or fall of the price of various assets

● Economic calendar with the most reliable forecasts

● Real-time trends and expert assessment

● Many effective tools for technical analysis

One-Stop Solutions for Trading in Any Circumstances

In order for the broker’s clients to be as independent as possible in their actions and to be able to make a profit in any situation, OnyxTraders offers several options for using the platform services:

● Web browser

● Mobile devices

● MT5

On the go and need to trade? No problem! With OnyxTraders, you can trade from your mobile device. So no matter where you are, you can always stay on top of your investments.

Benefits of Trading with OnyxTraders

● 5 types of accounts for different needs and the possibility of their free testing 

● Personal analyst and introductory sessions for all tariff plans beginning from Silver

● Low fees and fast order execution

● One-click trading for professional traders who don’t need confirmation

● Modern security protocols suitable for international financial institutions

● Free withdrawal option

● 24/5 consulting support

Trading on the ultra-modern, fast and professional trading platform OnyxTraders will give users that intense and, at the same time, effective dynamics that they have been waiting for a long time. All issues will be resolved, all orders will be closed most profitably, and all trading instruments will be revealed to the fullest extent together with OnyxTraders.

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