All investors hope to find the once-in-a-generation investment that can see an incredible surge in price. While some projects like Big Eyes and Tamadoge are currently hoping to recover this month, some experienced investor groups have earmarked a disruptive newcomer called Orbeon Protocol — entering the second stage of its presale — to make astronomical 6000% returns before the end of the year.


Orbeon Protocol

The Orbeon Protocol project is an exciting one and is set to revolutionize the venture capital industry using its secure investment platform, powered by blockchain technology. Orbeon Protocol acts as a funding launchpad — allowing businesses a hassle-free route to funding, and at the same time opening the doors to millions of micro-investors who up until now have been shut out of the startup space by big VCs.

The Orbeon Exchange works by issuing fractionalized, equity-backed NFTs to investors from as low as $1, providing a scalable and secure way for funding rounds to be completed by pooling investor funds. It ensures safety throughout this process through the “Fill or Kill” functionality, whereby the smart contract (audited by Solid Proof) will automatically return funds if a company’s funding round does not meet its goals.

The Orbeon Protocol ecosystem, which also includes a secondary market in Orbeon Swap, and a secure wallet for token storage and staking, is powered by the project’s utility token, ORBN. While functioning as a native token for the ecosystem, ORBN also provides holders with other benefits, such as discounts on trading fees on Orbeon Swap, and invitations to exclusive investor groups to share advice and network. This utility has led to a 525% price increase for ORBN during presale, and expert predictions suggest ORBN has the potential to surge even further.


Big Eyes

Big Eyes is a new meme coin and as such follows the usual meme path of a community-first approach. The project is still in a presale phase for its native token BIG, but with some rumors of a slowdown in interest in Big Eyes as the wider crypto market has crashed recently, there are some questions being asked about whether the project has what it takes to regain momentum and continue to drive the price of Big Eyes forward.

With a passionate community already in place, it’s likely that Big Eyes makes it to a full launch, with the estimated $10 million raised already giving the Big Eyes team a lot of room for progression.


Tamadoge is another meme coin project that is looking to capitalize on a strong community. It focuses its efforts on the Tamadoge NFTs and is busy building out gaming features, with an eye on a metaverse build-out down the line, known as the Tamaverse. This has attracted gaming enthusiasts to Tamadoge, but has drawn criticism from some circles who believe Tamadoge lacks real-world utility.

While Big Eyes still has a lot of positive sentiment surrounding the project, Tamadoge has had to contend with questions about its smart contracts and specifically the ability of the team to mint additional coins — this worry has been enough to scare off many investors, who deem Tamadoge not worth the risk.



While Big Eyes continues its presale and Tamadoge wrestles with security concerns, Orbeon is well-placed for unbelievable returns. Market analysts have already issued predictions of huge price increases for ORBN, with some stating as much as 60x before Christmas.

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